General properties

The CANSOLV CO2 Capture System offers an industry leading solution, offering improvements over conventional options such as:

  • Low overall energy consumption
  • High tolerance to SO2
  • Superior kinetics
  • Low Corrosion solvent
  • Low Oxidative Degradation
  • EOR grade CO2 purity

Coal-fired power plants

As potential emmissions regulations loom, a fairly common recent reaction in several jurisdictions has been to limit or halt the operation of existing coal-fired power plants.

In certain jurisdictions, new permits for building plants are not being issued without appropriate carbon abatement in place, since coal-fired power generation has been recognized as being the largest contributor of anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

The regenerable CANSOLV CO2 Capture System offers an effective and economical method to remove up to 90% of the CO2 from exhaust gases, and deliver them as a pure product for downstream use in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) or for sequestration (CCS).

Using a Shell Cansolv CO2 capture solution to decarbonise emissions can enable extension of an existing asset or implementation of a new one.

Combined cycle natural gas power plants

While much of the current projected global legislation focuses on coal-fired power plants, it seems inevitable that Combined Cycle Natural Gas plants will be next on the list. As fuel switching from coal to natural gas continues, the CO2 content in the exhaust (albeit lower, 3-4% compared to 12-13%) will have an increasing negative effect.

Furthermore, as legislative bodies throughout continue to debate appropriate mechanisms to encourage de-carbonizing power production; the value of delivering “clean megawatts” to the gird cannot be ignored. On a clean megawatt basis, it is in fact combined cycle natural gas plants equipped with CCS that offer the most efficient and economic solution.

Just as with coal-fired plants, the CO2 captured by the Shell Cansolv sytem at a natural gas plant can be used for EOR and/or CCS.

Chemical plants

In the not so distant future where regulators are likely to implement laws that penalize the emission of carbon dioxide from power generators around the world, emission trading systems such as “Cap and Trade” may emerge. Eventually, other industries are likely to also need to adhere.

In the interim, there exists some potential opportunities for the chemical industry to gain valuable and required learnings in CO2 capture while monetizing the avoidance of their CO2 emissions with use of the cap and trade system available.

Since technologies employed in post-combustion CO2 capture (such as amine based technologies) are familiar and common to the chemical industry, rolling out CO2 capture becomes much less onerous compared to the same for the power generation industry. In chemical applications requiring CO2 as a feedstock, one might be able to meet the needs of their process while cashing in on the CO2 avoidance mechanism.

Steel and cement

Governments around the world are continuously striving to agree on appropriate carbon legislation to implement and address CO2 emissions from fossil-fuel power generation. However, on a carbon intensity basis - amount of CO2 per unit combusted – the steel and cement industries actually produce more CO2 (20-22% in fluegas vs 3-13% ).

It is possible these industries will also be regulated in the future. The potential advantage of a higher content of CO2 per unit of exhaust gas is that the overall economics may actually favor these applications since many of the proposed legislations consider amount of CO2 avoided as the economic mechanism in either a carbon tax or a cap and trade scheme.

More in industries that cansolv serves

Cansolv minerals & chemicals applications

The CANSOLV SO2 scrubbing system can be used in a variety of industrial applications such as smelters, metallurgic applications, sulphuric acid plants and fertiliser plants.

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