Shell Catalysts & Technologies can design custom regenerable amine-based capture technologies to remove pollutants from industrial off-gases. No industry is safe from existing or inevitable emissions regulations.

Shell CANSOLV has demonstrated capabilities for an expansive list of industries including:

  • Sulphur Recovery Units
  • Process Heaters, Furnaces, and Boilers
  • Metallurgical Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Steel & Cement

Both SO2 scrubbing applications and CO2 capture applications are flexible solutions which can be applied to achieve significant contaminant removal. For example, coal-fired power generation is recognised as being the largest contributor to anthropogenic CO2 emissions. Using a Shell Cansolv CO2 capture solution to decarbonise emissions can enable the extension of an existing asset or implementation of a new one for coal-fired power generators.

By comparison, the CANSOLV SO2 Scrubbing System uses a tailored amine-based absorbent for regenerable SO2 capture. Rigorous emissions limits can be met (in many conditions down to 20 ppm) while delivering a useful SO2 by-product gas stream (rather than a waste stream), typically converted to salable sulphur, sulphuric acid or liquid SO2.

In addition, the CANSOLV SO2 Scrubbing System controls emissions and captures additional value from the SO2 emitted in various flue gas streams, such as those generated by fluidised catalytic cracking units (FCC), process heaters and boilers, power generation plants, sulphur plants, and spent acid regeneration units. The SO2 can then be recycled to the sulphur recovery unit to produce marketable sulphur, converted to salable sulphuric acid, or liquefied for sale on the market.

Process operator closing valve for CANSOLV at a Louisiana plant

Keep costs low while enabling Enhanced Oil Recovery by reusing captured solvents.

The pure CO2 and SO2 captured avoid landfill and legacy environmental issues and can be sold or reused as marketable by-products. Consistent with Shell Catalysts & Technologies approach across our holistic services, we emphasise sustainability, reusability, and profitable processes at every point. This highly adaptable technology can be added to an existing plant or incorporated in a new installation across a wide range of industries.

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