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The Great Travel Hack Season 2: London to Istanbul

Buckle up for a road trip challenge that shows cleaner ways to travel. Watch as two teams compete to cross Europe from London to Istanbul, using lower-carbon technologies to fuel some of the cleanest vehicles around, with only one rule: the team with the lowest co2 emissions wins.

Power on: a village transformed

Until three years ago the villagers in Binaluan, Philippines, either had no electricity or relied on expensive, unreliable diesel generators. But a wind turbine and some solar panels changed everything. Communities around the world are increasingly turning to such microgrids. Lech Mintowt-Czyz discovered how they can transform lives.

‘There We Go’ – Lifting 25,000 tonnes in 9 seconds

The Brent Delta topside was delivered to Hartlepool after the world’s heaviest lift at sea.

The Energy Podcast

How will the world meet growing energy demand while reducing carbon dioxide emissions? The Energy Podcast sets out to explore the options, and the possible outcomes. Listen and subscribe here.

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