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Non solus: new energy for the world

Speaking at the first annual Elsevier Economics Lecture, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden argues that collaboration is the best way to deal with climate change.

Two girls in a classroom at al shaheed wajdi primary school in basrah

Keeping the classroom cool

Energy-rich Iraq has suffered from daily power cuts for years. Now the situation is improving as steady gas supplies help to generate more electricity. Read the story on Inside Energy.

Prasoon Kumar under his easy-to-build tent Weatherhyde

Bright ideas for the future of energy

Three entrepreneurs were among those that pitched to judges at Make the Future Singapore. Each believes their energy innovation could make a real difference in the world. These are their stories.

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Shell launches LNG Outlook 2018

The global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market grew by 29 million tonnes in 2017, according to Shell's LNG Outlook, which highlights trends and focuses on global supply and demand.

Changing in a time of change

Speaking at CERAWeek in Houston, USA, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden examines some of the big questions facing the oil and gas industry and offers some answers.

Pathways to a cleaner energy future

The Nobel Prize-winning physicist and former US Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, tells Inside Energy about some of the solutions and technologies the world needs if it is to achieve a lower-carbon future.

One planet, many energy systems

At any given moment, billions of people are interacting with energy. Inside Energy invited photographers from around the world to submit images telling a story of energy use, capture or generation. These were our favourite responses.

Closing the gender gap in engineering & technology

Closing the gender gap in engineering and technology

Shell helps women reach senior roles in engineering and technology. We aim to #makethefuture by closing the gender gap.