The Shell Starship truck

Travelling into a fuel-efficient future

Aerodynamic and packed with energy saving technology, Starship is a new vehicle designed to show how trucks can be more fuel efficient. Inside Energy steps on board.

tropical climates to planes fighting wildfires

Fuelling flights in freezing conditions

How do you refuel planes in temperatures as low as -45⁰C? Watch this film to see how Shell Aviation and its partners keep planes flying across subarctic conditions of northern Canada.

Appomattox oil platform in the middle of sea

Appomattox: an energy project that defied the odds

During the toughest downturn in oil prices for decades, some energy projects had to find inventive ways to survive. One was Appomattox, a major deep-water development in the Gulf of Mexico. Those involved believe it set a new standard for the development of major Shell projects in the future. Read the Inside Energy story.

Shell Sky scenario

Sky Scenario

Explore Sky, our latest Shell scenario, which illustrates a technically possible, but challenging pathway for society to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Featured content

Catching fish without courting danger

Fishing off the coast of Colombia has come with great risks due to ageing equipment and poor safety standards. Now a Shell-sponsored programme is helping communities to adopt better practices. 

Shell Energy Transition Report

How are we driving our business strategy in the context of climate-related risks and opportunities? The Shell Energy Transition Report helps answer questions from shareholders, governments and non-governmental organisations about what the energy transition means for us.

The man on an archaeological mission

For years, conflict and unrest have taken their toll on the rich cultural heritage of Iraq. But one Iraqi is determined to save his country’s archaeology.

Closing the gender gap in engineering & technology

Closing the gender gap in engineering and technology

Shell helps women reach senior roles in engineering and technology. We aim to #makethefuture by closing the gender gap.