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Biofuels:Trends and advantages

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The "Biofuels: Trends and advantages of renewable energy" report explores the role that biofuels can play throughout the energy transition.

As companies across the globe make net-zero carbon commitments, strategies for lowering the carbon intensity of operations will be critical to operationalise. Biofuels will likely play a key part in this transformation.

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Shell Blue Hydrogen Process

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If hydrogen is to contribute to carbon neutrality, it needs to be produced on a large scale and with low emission levels. Long term, the answer is likely to be “green” hydrogen, which is produced from the electrolysis of water powered by renewable energy. However, electrolysis alone will not meet the forecast demand. It is currently expensive and there is insufficient renewable energy available to support large-scale green hydrogen production.

An alternative is blue hydrogen produced from natural gas along with CCUS. That’s why Shell Catalysts & Technologies has spent years developing the Shell Blue Hydrogen Process (SBHP). SBHP integrates Shell SGP and ADIP ULTRA technologies and offers key advantages over ATR, including a 10–25% lower levellised cost of hydrogen, a 20% lower capital expenditure, a 35% lower operating expenditure (excluding natural gas feedstock price), >99% CO₂ captured and overall process simplicity.

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Hydrogen technologies webinar

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Have you considered the role of hydrogen technologies in the short-term and future energy systems? Stream the webinar to explore the role of hydrogen in a sustainable recovery.

Learn how hydrogen can mitigate emissions in hard-to-abate sectors during short-term recovery and support a more sustainable energy future.

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss:

  • Rapidly growing government support for H2
  • Current hydrogen protection technologies
  • Hydrogen in the future energy system
  • Green and blue hydrogen costs

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Make Every Molecule Matter

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Something as small as a series of chemical reactions can have a profound impact on the health of our planet and its people. This is why Shell Catalysts & Technologies’ mission is to Make Every Molecule Matter.

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