Our climate-related policy positions

These are the key policies we think are needed.

Our climate-related advocacy

Here are examples of the positions we have taken in the climate debate around the world.

Industry Associations Climate Review Update 2020

Find out about the progress we have made with our memberships of industry associations.

Industry Associations Climate Review 2019

Read our review of Shell’s relationships with 19 industry associations.

Our latest advocacy

We share our knowledge with policy makers. Find our latest advocacy updates here:

Shell statement on the European Commission’s 2030 Climate Target Plan

September, 2020

Shell supports the European Commission’s proposal for a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. This challenging but clear target will encourage low carbon investment, and we will play our part

Shell Response to the Roadmap Consultation on the Hydrogen Strategy

June, 2020

In a submission to the European Commission’s consultation on the Hydrogen Strategy, Shell provides views on an enabling policy framework for investment in clean hydrogen.

Shell Response to the 2030 Climate Target Plan

June, 2020

In a submission to the European Commission’s consultation on the 2030 Climate Target Plan, we share key policy options to accelerate climate action in the hard-to-decarbonise sectors and express support for raising the 2030 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target.

Shell welcomes the EU’s Green Deal

February, 2020

In a submission to the European Commission’s roadmap consultation on the Climate Law, Shell expressed support for the target to achieve climate neutrality in the European Union by 2050.

New homes in the UK should be net zero

February, 2020

Shell UK Country Chair Sinead Lynch agrees with the Committee on Climate Change that by 2050 the vast majority of homes in the UK must use low-carbon heat.

The Georgetown Transportation and Climate Initiative in the USA

February, 2020

Shell comments on The Georgetown Transportation and Climate Initiative High Level Framework For A Draft Regional Policy Proposal To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Pollution.

Why methane emissions reduction must be a core focus of the EU’s decarbonisation strategy

December, 2019

Shell encourages the EU to consider ambitious policies and incentives to drastically reduce methane emissions to near-zero from all natural gas used in Europe.

How Article 6 of the Paris Agreement could work

December, 2019

This note sets out Shell’s views on how Article 6 could work and key considerations for it to be effective. Shell shared this note with stakeholders at the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25 in Madrid.

More in Sustainability

Payments to governments

We are supporting transparency in the payments we make to governments and helping them to better manage oil and gas revenues.

Transparency and Anti-corruption

The Shell General Business Principles state our insistence on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our business. The direct or indirect offer, payment, solicitation or acceptance of bribes is unacceptable.

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