Shell’s road safety programmes for local adults and schoolchildren help to address challenges around road accidents and fatalities in many different locations. These programmes are based on the advice provided by Shell’s dedicated road safety team.

Some of our road safety programmes aim to improve adult driver behaviour by, for example, encouraging seat belt use. Others are designed for children, increasing their road awareness and teaching them to follow simple safety rules. In some places, we support improvements to road infrastructure in local communities by, for example, introducing speed bumps, road signs and street lighting to help prevent accidents. Below are some examples from Shell operations around the world.

School children holding shell safety signs for #shellselamatsampai


Shell Malaysia is known as a leader in road safety education in the country. Its current campaign ‘Shell Road Safety Movement’ (#ShellSelamatSampai) targets three key audiences:

  • For secondary school children, it provides practical training about motorcycles and safe behaviour travelling to and from school. The programme also provides funding for selected students to obtain legal motorcycle licences after completing a Shell Road Safety Learning Module co-developed with Road Safety authorities.
  • For college students, the emphasis is on the use of seat belts, mobile phones and vehicle maintenance, including free motorcycle inspections.
  • In local communities, Shell works with Resident Associations to create ‘Shell Safety Zones’, so that communities are empowered to address and intervene on road safety matters.
children travelling in a bus


In Pakistan Shell has partnered with the traffic police to deliver its ‘Happy Roads Programme’ for school children in Karachi. The programme teaches seven to 12-year-olds how to stay safe on the road. To date it has reached more than 30,000 school children.

During UN Road Safety Week 2015, Shell Pakistan teamed up with children’s online media group, Toffee TV, to develop a road safety song and video. These were shared with children across the country.

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cartoon road scene with car and crossing and schoolchild

South Africa

Shell South Africa runs the ‘Shell Safe and Sound’ campaign to encourage road-user awareness. The campaign is about the little things that end up saving lives on the roads like buckling up, checking tyres and planning rest stops on long distance trips. For children, the campaign offers comics full of games and activities designed to improve road safety awareness. They teach children about road signs and rules via Snakes and Ladders, crossword puzzles and word searches

Shell South Africa also runs the ‘Safe to School, Safe to Home’ programme with GRSP and partners with the South African National Road Agency to improve road safety in education and identify low-cost engineering solutions to improve road safety around schools.

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Each year millions of Chinese travel home for New Year (or the Spring Festival) in what is known as the world’s largest annual human migration. But, as the number of traffic accidents peak around this time, road safety is a concern.

That’s why Shell, China’s largest global operator of retail stations, runs a road safety awareness campaign during this period. It includes providing rooms where drivers can rest and broadcasting road safety tips on radio as well as on Wechat, China’s messaging service.

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International collaborations

As well as running our own road safety programmes, we are active in international collaborations.

Shell is a board member of the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) where businesses, governments and development agencies work together to prevent road deaths and reduce injuries around the world. We also support the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

More in Sustainability

Our approach to transport safety

We develop best-practice standards within Shell for all transportation modes, and work with specialist contractors, industry bodies, non-governmental organisations and governments.

Driver safety

We enforce road safety standards no matter where we operate and run road safety programmes globally to keep our drivers – employees and contractors – safe.

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