Governments are responsible for prioritising and implementing approaches that meet the SDGs but achieving these tasks will require unprecedented collaboration and collective action with business and civil society.

All the goals are relevant to Shell and we have an important role to play in supporting these ambitions.

There are three goals where we believe we can make the greatest contribution through our strategy to strengthen our position as a leading energy company by providing oil, gas and low-carbon energy as the world’s energy system transforms, which we set out in our Sustainability Report: SDGs 7, 8 and 13.

In addition, we may also contribute to the other SDGs, for example through the policies and operating practices we adopt, the partnerships and collaborations we work in and the social investments we make. 

Find examples below of how we are contributing to all of the SDGs.


Investing in access to energy for communities

Achieving universal energy access by 2030 will require a mix of commercial investment and community programmes tailored to those who cannot access or afford energy solutions without support.

Local employment and enterprise

Shell contributes to local economic growth in countries where we operate.

Climate change and energy transitions

A key role for society – and for Shell – is to find ways to provide much more energy with less carbon dioxide.