Our approach to sustainability is integrated across our business activities on three levels:

1. Running a safe, efficient, responsible and profitable business

This is the foundation of our approach. Safeguarding and respecting people – our employees, contractors and neighbours – is fundamental to how we do business. This includes having global standards, processes and tools in place to manage safety, the environment and how we engage with communities. We aim to continuously improve the way we operate to prevent incidents and to identify, avoid where possible and minimise adverse environmental and social impacts. We report on our performance in our annual sustainability report.

2. Sharing wider benefits where we operate

We plan our business for the long term to help ensure we play a positive role in communities where we operate and in wider society. We contribute to the development of local economies by creating jobs, boosting skills, sourcing from local suppliers and helping to improve industry standards, as well as paying taxes and royalties. We support community projects that are based on the needs of the local communities.

3. Helping to shape a more sustainable energy future

Achieving a more sustainable energy future requires an energy transition that allows society to reduce its emissions, tackle climate change, while also extending the economic and social benefits of energy to everyone. This ambition requires a change in the way energy is produced, used and made accessible to more people while drastically cutting emissions. It is feasible but requires urgent action and long-term vision. Shell is a willing and able player in this transition. We will play our role where it makes commercial sense, in oil and gas, as well as in low-carbon technologies and renewable energy sources. But there is the need for society as a whole to address the climate challenge. We advocate that businesses, governments and civil society work together to shape a more sustainable energy future. Find out more about Climate change and energy transitions

Shell's approach to sustainability

Image is of a triangle showing 3 levels of Shell's approach to sustainability: Running a safe, efficient, responsible and profitable business; Sharing wider benefits where we operate; Helping to shape a sustainable energy future

Embedding sustainability in our projects

When we plan or develop new facilities, or make changes to existing ones, we apply a staged process that is consistent around the world. This includes:

  • conducting integrated assessments on potential environmental, social and health impacts;
  • conducting specific risk assessments or specialist studies; and
  • engaging with and assessing concerns from communities.

These assessments help us to manage and reduce impacts at all stages of the project.

The results of these assessments are documented in a project management plan which is signed off by the business manager who has overall accountability for the project. The plan is monitored and reviewed throughout the life cycle of the project. At each review stage in the project development process, we decide if and how we move forward with the project. This includes balancing the short- and long-term interests, and integrating economic, environmental and social considerations when taking business decisions.

We train teams to help them understand how best to embed sustainability in our projects. We also have specialists within Shell in areas such as biodiversity, waste and water management, indigenous people’s rights, cultural heritage and resettlement. The specialists work alongside project teams to ensure that potential impacts on local communities and the environment are considered in project design, construction and during operations.

Online Sustainability Report 2017

Discover what we say about our approach to sustainable development in our online Sustainability Report 2017.

View the online report

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