Earthwatch is an international environmental charity with a global mission to inform and inspire people to take action through hands-on scientific research and conservation projects.

Shell partners with Earthwatch to offer employees the chance to participate in environmental research and conservation projects through its global staff-driven platform, Project Better World. Earthwatch and Shell’s partnership started in 1998, and within its first 20 years, enabled Shell employees from 52 countries to contribute over 53,000 hours to data collection and conservation activities.

By volunteering in the Earthwatch Expedition programme Shell employees gain a broader understanding of environmental issues by making a hands-on contribution to scientific research. The programme also includes interactive sessions that inspire, educate and enable Shell employees as sustainability advocates. Staff broaden their understanding of Shell’s approach to sustainability and demonstrate leadership through sustainability-related action after the programme. Assignments are worldwide with a focus on research topics that link to environmental issues of relevance to Shell.

Read about the experience of the 1,000th employee who joined this programme in A thousand contributions to the frontline of conservation.

Through the Earth Skills Network programme, experts from Shell use their experience to share knowledge and transfer key business skills to people who manage protected areas to help them meet organisational challenges. It gives Shell employees the opportunity to sharpen professional competencies and broaden their understanding of how business decisions can have an impact on the environment. Read more about some of the protected areas that Shell has supported here.

Additionally, through the global Earthwatch-Shell partnership, Shell provides funding to selected community engagement initiatives that are linked to the research expeditions visited by Shell volunteers.

Read more about Earthwatch on their website