Producing oil and gas responsibly and efficiently

The most ambitious scenarios show that as the energy system transitions, the world will continue to need oil and gas for decades.

Embedding sustainability into our major projects

Safety, the environment and communities are vital considerations when we plan, design and operate our projects and facilities.

Decommissioning and restoration

Decommissioning is part of the normal life cycle of every oil and gas structure. Read how we work to do it safely and responsibly.

Acquisitions & Divestments

Responsible divestments are a key part of transitioning our portfolio to deliver upon our Powering Progress strategy.

Working with non-operated ventures

We often work in joint ventures with national and other international energy companies. Read how we seek to offer our support and exert a positive influence on their operations.

Energy efficiency in our operations

We aim to be net zero on emissions generated by all our operations by 2050, as well as on emissions associated with the energy we need to power them.