Enterprise development and skills enhancement are key components of Shell’s purpose of powering progress together by providing more and cleaner energy. LiveWIRE is an important programme for Shell because it supports local enterprise by helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into long-term sources of income.

Our flagship: Shell LiveWIRE

Our flagship programme started 36 years ago. In 1982, one in eight people were out of work in the UK. Shell responded by launching Shell LiveWIRE in Scotland with the aim of addressing growing levels of youth unemployment through entrepreneurship.

Shell LiveWIRE makes a positive social impact on communities, contributing to local business development, job creation, and innovative social and economic solutions. Bringing these contributions to communities we see as part of our corporate social responsibility. Each year LiveWIRE supports thousands of individual entrepreneurs globally to turn their bright ideas into a sustainable business and to scale up.

Today, Shell LiveWIRE supporting businesses that are on the cutting-edge of innovation, focusing on energy solutions, supply chain integration and economic diversification.

Visit the Shell LiveWIRE International website to see if the programme is available where you live and for details of how to apply.

Supporting Shell LiveWIRE alumni

Once up and running, we offer further opportunities and funding for Shell LiveWIRE alumni to help them grow their businesses and celebrate innovation.

  • The Top Ten Innovators awards invites past participants to share their learnings and inspire others through their stories. Prizes are given to young role models who have succeeded in accelerating their innovative business ideas.

Meet some of the Shell LiveWIRE entrepreneurs

Insolar from Brazil

Insolar, a Shell LiveWIRE supported enterprise, brings solar power to low-income families in Brazil.

Aceleron, the UK

Aceleron, Shell LiveWIRE Top Ten Innovators winner 2017, provides an innovative solution to the problem of waste batteries.

The entrepreneur helping women get to work in Pakistan

A new ridesharing service is helping women commute, with funding from Shell.

Teamone Environmental Technologies from Brunei

The hyperactive child who never gave up, now employs 345 local staff.

Pitching to the president

GiveMeTap set up by Shell LiveWIRE UK participant Edwin Broni-Mensah sells reusable bottles. The entrepreneurs behind it recently pitched their idea to Barack Obama.

Turning footsteps into light

Pavegen, set up by Shell LiveWIRE UK grant winner Laurence Kemball-Cook, developed kinetic tiles to capture the energy of footsteps and convert it into electricity.

Unlocking the Power of Hydrogen

HySiLabs, a Shell France-supported company, recently signed a contract with Shell GameChanger to take their groundbreaking technology to the next level.

Boosting local economies through entrepreneurship

LiveWIRE Malaysia, Shell’s enterprise development programme, helps entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Correctbook: Boosting Education One Page at a Time

Find out how this LiveWIRE entrepreneur is using an endless notebook to tackle illiteracy around the world.

More in sustainability

Building local skills and expertise

In many places around the world, we share benefits with local communities by offering training for jobs in the oil and gas industry.