Achieving universal energy access by 2030 will require a mix of commercial investment and community programmes tailored to those who cannot access or afford energy solutions without support.

That’s why, in collaboration with communities and a diverse range of partner organisations, our Social Investment teams develop market-based programmes that provide access to clean and affordable energy for some of the world’s most remote and vulnerable people.

Our energy access partners

Strong partnerships are essential to deliver sustainable, impactful and relevant access to energy programmes. Since 2014, Shell has worked with Mercy Corps, to extend the benefits of energy access projects to vulnerable groups, including refugees and displaced people. 

Shell is a founding partner and continues to support the Clean Cooking Alliance which aims to achieve universal access to clean cooking solutions by 2030. Read more about our partnership with the Clean Cooking Alliance here.

We work with local and international NGOs, humanitarian organisations, SMEs and social enterprises to design, implement and evaluate our programmes including:

Case studies & reports


Picture of two smiling Philippino girls. One eating ice cream.

How clean water from a solar powered well has transformed life in a small Filipino community.

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Picture of six boys looking at a mobile phone

Enter Energy is Shell’s global initiative to develop sustainable ways of delivering energy access for displaced people and host communities. We are collaborating with humanitarian and private sector partners to offer access to more and cleaner energy choices.

Providing energy choices for displaced people is far too complex a challenge for one country, community or company to solve. The report “Access to more: creating energy choices for refugees” outlines how humanitarian agencies, governments and the private sector can collaborate to improve how refugees and their host communities access energy.

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We aim to be a good neighbour wherever we work, by contributing to the well-being of neighbouring communities.

Building an energy access business

Shell’s energy access business is focused on finding commercial ways to help tackle energy poverty. Our ambition is to provide a reliable electricity supply to 100 million people, primarily in Africa and Asia, by 2030.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) seek to address the world’s biggest challenges. We welcome the SDGs and aim to play our part in helping governments and societies to achieve them.