Helping to increase energy access

We work to help communities gain access to safe, reliable, affordable energy which can spur economic development and improve healthcare, education and livelihoods. We aim to support the development of a sustainable market for energy products and services, directly and indirectly creating enterprises and jobs.

We know there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to the complex global challenge of energy access. Shell’s approach is based on developing tailored solutions that are driven by local markets, needs and opportunities. We apply our core business skills and technical resources to play an active role in improving communities’ access to energy, particularly in regions where the need is great and we have a presence.

For example, in Nigeria the scale of the access to energy challenge is huge. In a country of over 180 million people, over two-thirds are either off the electricity grid or receive less than four hours of grid power a day. This is why we support access to energy through All On in Nigeria. Click here to read more about our work with All On - Powering a brighter future in Nigeria.

In Iraq, the joint venture Basrah Gas Company (Shell interest 44%) captures natural gas associated with oil production from three non-operated fields in the south of the country – gas which was previously flared. We supply the captured gas for power generation in the domestic market.

Switching on lights for one of the Philippines' oldest tribes

The Batak are one of the Philippines’ oldest indigenous peoples, living deep in the forest of Palawan island. At night, they have relied on light provided by burning wood wrapped in leaves. As part of our social investment programme, Shell Philippines, through the Pilipinas Shell Foundation, funded a micro-grid that uses hydropower and solar energy to bring electricity to their homes for the first time, helping to create new opportunities. Watch a film to find out more.

Collaborating to bring more energy to more people

Making access to energy more sustainable requires effective collaboration between public, private and third-party sectors. This is reflected in our involvement with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves – a public-private partnership that helps to create a thriving global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions – in which Shell is one of the founding partners. Shell is the single largest private-sector contributor to the Alliance. We provide both financial and in-kind support to the Alliance and its Spark Fund – a grant facility that supports the development of clean cooking enterprises globally.

Shell’s support to the Global Alliance builds on the work of Shell Foundation, an independent charity that helped to set up the Alliance, together with the UN Foundation and US State Department. For more than 10 years, Shell Foundation has been active in building an international market for affordable, clean cookstoves as a way to deliver social and environmental impact at scale. 

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Community health

We run projects, often in partnership with local NGOs or development bodies, that provide people in communities with access to adequate healthcare.