Access to energy at Shell

Globally, around 790 million people still lack access to electricity and hundreds of millions more have an unreliable supply. An estimated 2.8 billion people cook on open fires using firewood or unclean fuels, causing serious health risks and contributing to deforestation. In support of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7), we are working to provide more clean, reliable energy to those who do not have it today.

We are investing in companies that deliver innovative off-grid, or distributed, energy access solutions with the potential to be replicated on a larger scale. Alongside our commercial investments, we also invest in social programmes that benefit communities where we work.

Building an energy access business

Shell’s energy access business is focused on finding commercial ways to help tackle energy poverty. Our ambition is to provide a reliable electricity supply to 100 million people, primarily in Africa and Asia, by 2030.

Investing in energy access for communities

Achieving universal energy access by 2030 will require a mix of commercial investment and community programmes tailored to those who cannot access or afford energy solutions without support.