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Shell has been helping customers with their environmental product requirements since 2003, when the first emissions trading scheme was set up in Europe.

Let's make a difference with carbon credits.

We hope that you are here because, like us, you want to make a difference. So if you want to get started, why not get in touch and let's make this personal.

Every journey towards a more sustainable business future is different.

As we continue to work towards being a net-zero emissions energy business, we're putting our customers at the centre of everything we do. For more about our journey watch our video or read our Read more about our Net Carbon Footprint.


Carbon credits come of age

The need for a robust market in voluntary carbon credits has never been greater. Over 1,100 leading companies have already made net-zero emissions commitments for 2050. Many will need to use carbon offsetting alongside avoiding and reducing emissions to make the progress necessary today. Carbon credits are also an efficient means of moving capital from developed to developing countries and into vital new carbon sinks - protecting nature and innovating for new emission capture technologies. For all of this to succeed the market will need strong collaboration, and Shell is playing its role.

Mining belt

Nature-based solutions

The world needs a range of measures to limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions while meeting rising energy demand. They include the protection and restoration of natural ecosystems such as forests, grasslands and wetlands. Shell offers nature-based voluntary carbon credits bundled with some of our products to help customers meet their own sustainability goals.

Find our more about our Nature Based Solutions

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Let's close the gap

According to our research, 95% of Shell Environmental Products’ customers are actively reducing their carbon footprint by adopting cleaner technologies and innovations before they consider carbon offsets. Every journey towards net zero is unique. For Shell, carbon credits can play an important role. If you're avoiding and reducing emmisions, but want to do more carbon offsetting with Shell can help you close the gap.

“To achieve net zero, companies will need to decarbonise and many will need to offset some emissions as part of the transition, creating a surge in demand for offsets.”

Mark Carney
UN Special Envoy for Climate Action



At Shell Environmental Products, we like to take our involvement in carbon credits to the next level. This is why we invest as owners of projects across the world, as well as trading credits available in the market.

Shell has set several milestones in emissions market history, including being the first company to:

  • Execute a trade in European Union Allowances (EUAs)

  • Trade a carbon product usable under a mandatory US cap-and-trade programme

  • Trade US federal CO2 compliance futures contracts on the Chicago Climate Futures Exchange

  • Take delivery of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism programme


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Helping businesses meet their compliance requirements

Environmental compliance markets are a key mechanism through which companies can manage their emissions by trading carbon credits.

Working with customers to compensate for their emissions

Voluntary carbon credits are a recognised mechanism for investing in projects that contribute to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.

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