What are environmental compliance markets?

Environmental compliance markets are a key mechanism through which companies can manage their emissions by trading carbon credits. They are administrated by national, regional and/or international regulators.

Compliance markets where we operate

Shell completed the first trade on the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), in 2003, and has been an active participant in the European carbon market ever since. Today we participate in all major emissions trading schemes in the world.



Designed around you

Whether you are looking for straightforward routes to market or more complex structured trades, we can tailor solutions to your specific needs and, in some instances, aiming to release additional hidden value.

We can provide you with:

Physical structures

  • Vanilla products (spot, forward)
  • Off-takes (secondary + prepaid)
  • Structured – Flexible volume, pricing
  • Ability to unwind, providing liquidity in the market

Virtual structures

  • Bespoke products – returns linked to assets and carbon allowance prices with efficient balance sheet utilisation
  • Scalable (other global markets) - exposure to a mix of emerging and developed carbon markets
  • Hold to maturity trades
shell office people

We provide environmental solutions which help customers from all over the world to manage their own local and regional compliance obligations. By partnering with us, they gain access to global markets and decades of experience in carbon markets.

Bill McGrath, General Manager, Shell Environmental Products


Working with customers to compensate for their emissions

Voluntary carbon credits are a recognised mechanism for investing in projects that contribute to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.

Shell’s Carbon Neutral and Reduced Carbon Footprint Products

We are ready to provide what our customers need in order to support them in their decarbonisation journey.