Distributed Energy

We connect and integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to provide cleaner, cost effective and more resilient energy for large-scale businesses and communities. These tailored solutions offer a simplified ‘one-stop shop’ approach to upgrading your energy infrastructure and reducing your total annual energy spend and meeting your renewable energy goals.

Environmental Products

We are an experienced trader of environmental products, operating in emissions markets globally. We help companies comply with environmental regulation and manage their emissions, as well as supplying a variety of voluntary carbon credit solutions from our high-quality portfolio.

Distributed Energy

We offer a solutions platform designed to maximize energy resiliency, efficiency, and sustainability

Shell Environmental Products

Discover how we can support you in your decarbonisation journey

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Renewables and Energy Solutions

The global energy system is changing. A planet destined for more people and rising living standards will need more energy. But the world must also find ways to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change. Shell’s New Energies business focuses on new fuels and power.

Voluntary Carbon Credits

Your investment in voluntary carbon credits will contribute to the development of nature-based projects around the world.