The world is changing, and will be changing faster than ever, driven by several challenges ahead.

  • Growing population and urbanisation
  • Climate change
  • The way people commute and connect is changing
  • Governments face resource challenges

At Shell, we look at these changes quite closely as they are important to our businesses, our customers and the communities we are in.

At Shell Bitumen, we focus on developing products and solutions that can make road-building more efficient, with less energy and greater durability. Building on our 100 years of experience and expertise in the bitumen industry, we are well-positioned to drive innovations and collaborations to define path forward to prepare our roads for the changing world.

The Shell Bitumen Paving Forward series is a virtual platform for people to come together to discuss the road pavement industry. Interactive sessions with Q&As from Shell technical and business specialist will cover a range of topics and encourage the sharing of experience, knowledge and opinions.

Find out how the team at Shell Bitumen are planning for the road ahead, as well as taking a look at wider industry trends and challenges.

This is the start of a series of virtual dialogues with our customers covering key trends, opportunities and challenges facing our industry and how best to initiate and embrace new ways of working in the ever-changing world.

Jason Wong, VP Shell Specialities (Global Bitumen & Sulphur)


Shell Bitumen is a breath of fresh air

Developing cleaner ways of working in the road paving industry.

Shell Bitumen is playing its role in a more sustainable future

How Shell Bitumen technology can help play a part in more sustainable paving solutions.

Shell Bitumen is pushing limits

Our specially tailored racetrack formula uses science to help create record-breaking racing for Formula One fans around the world.

Shell Bitumen is making connections

Providing bitumen solutions and technical expertise for iconic engineering projects that help keep the world moving.

Shell Bitumen is a powerhouse at 100

Taking stock of one hundred years of industry firsts, global reach and local touch.

100 years Bitumen