Helping to reduce emissions with low temperature binders

Helping to reduce emissions with low temperature binders

Producing asphalt takes energy, so one way to reduce emissions is to examine those processes and see if any improvements can be made. By lowering the mixing temperature of our binders, we found ways to reduce our energy consumption, and therefore our emissions. And there are other benefits too.

  • Remote projects

    Remote projects

    Low temperature binders are ideal for remote sites as it can be transported for longer.

  • Reopen roads faster

    Reopen roads faster

    Because low temperature binders are installed at a lower temperature, the road takes less time to cool and therefore can be opened to traffic sooner.

  • Flexibility


    Allows greater flexibility for construction if there are unforeseen delays as low temperature binders can be stored for longer.

  • High quality

    High quality

    The lower mix temperature reduces the risk of thermal oxidisation and binder ageing, which can lead to premature ageing and asphalt cracking.

Repair, reuse, recycle

Repair, reuse, recycle

One way to reduce our impact on the environment is to extract less raw material from the ground in the first place. Using reclaimed asphalt paving (RAP) is an effective way of doing this when it comes to roads. Shell’s Cariphalte© RC mix uses recycled materials and is formulated to ensure that the end-quality of the road is still up to standard.

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