You can fit a lot into a century and Shell Bitumen certainly has. Since the early days we’ve been a driving force helping develop better road networks around the world. We’ve patented over 200 bitumen and asphalt related inventions. And we own and operate one of the world’s largest bitumen and asphalt research and development centres. Here’s a look at some of our proudest achievements:


Shell Bitumen is a breath of fresh air

Developing cleaner ways of working in the road paving industry.

Shell Bitumen is playing its role in a more sustainable future

How Shell Bitumen technology can help play a part in more sustainable paving solutions.

Shell Bitumen is pushing limits

Our specially tailored racetrack formula uses science to help create record-breaking racing for Formula One fans around the world.

Shell Bitumen is making connections

Providing bitumen solutions and technical expertise for iconic engineering projects that help keep the world moving.

Shell Bitumen is a powerhouse at 100

Taking stock of one hundred years of industry firsts, global reach and local touch.

Shell Bitumen is paving forward

Join us to hear the latest news and updates on all things bitumen from technical and business specialists.

100 years Bitumen