A century of innovation

You can fit a lot into a century and Shell Bitumen certainly has. Since the early days we’ve been a driving force helping develop better road networks around the world. Here’s a look at some of our proudest achievements.


Shell Bitumen: Global reach, local touch

Shell Bitumen is the world’s largest international marketer of Bitumen, serving customers across 60 markets. Over the last one hundred years we’ve developed technical capabilities and a robust, integrated supply chain network that allows us to support our customers around the world.

Consistent, quality production

Consistent, quality production

With refineries, plants and depots around the world, we’re able to reliably source materials to meet our commitments to customers and support them with our integrated supply chain network.

Delivering at scale

Delivering at scale

Every year, we supply enough Shell Bitumen to travel around the world 4.5 times – that’s 500km daily.

Technical innovation

Technical innovation

Along with producing paving-grade bitumen, we heavily invest in research and development, and testing new, innovative products. To date we own more than 1,000 patent series since we began 100 years ago.

Supporting a growing world

Supporting a growing world

We supply bitumen and provide technical expertise and logistical support for global key projects in the transport, industrial and roofing sectors, including 120 airports, 17 leading racing circuits, and countless roads and bridges.

Truck on highway

Did you know?

The word asphalt comes from the Greek "asphaltos", which means "secure". Asphalt has been used as a paving and waterproofing material since ancient times.


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