It works as tirelessly as you do, even in the toughest conditions, to deliver protection and performance. And it’s our pledge to keep you moving. So next time there’s a long journey ahead of you, know that we’re behind you. Every mile, every time.

When people see a truck, do they see the driver? Do they understand what drivers go through day in, day out?

There are parts of the world where people fail to see the huge effort truckers make to contribute to their communities. In others, they don’t appreciate the safety risks drivers undergo every day for us. While some countries don’t understand that it’s often a driver’s priority to work hard to support their family.

But we do. Wherever they are in the world, we recognise what drivers do for us. That’s why we’re helping them focus on the things that matter most.

We see truck drivers’ pride, passion and professionalism. We understand the risks they take to get us what we need, when we need it. They keep their wheels rolling and our world turning. So we want to keep their mind off engine worries and on what’s important to them.

Shell Rimula is dedicated to making a trucker’s life on the road as easy as possible. Powerful antioxidant agents neutralise acids before they damage the engine, while adaptive molecules block deposit-forming particles and react under heat or pressure to protect against wear. It’s designed to keep engines in tip-top condition to make every journey safe, fast and hassle-free. So with the engine taken care of, Shell Rimula keeps drivers free to focus on the way ahead. Because what matters is inside.

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