Shell Connected Car Open API

Our Vision

The Retail Fuel World hasn’t seen any major innovations in the last 50 years, and Shell aims to change that. In today’s fast-paced world, where everything is literally available at the tip of our fingers, our customers’ main struggle is the waiting time at service stations. Shell intends to revolutionise the payment system by providing a simple, efficient, and more convenient service - a Digital Drive-Thru.

Why Should I Use the Shell CC Open API?

With over 40,000 service stations in more than 70 countries and territories, this makes Shell one of the world’s biggest retailers and a global logistical service provider. Shell’s distinctive red and yellow pecten emblem is also one of the most recognised and trusted symbols.

Shell uses advanced technologies and take an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy future. Our research and development into the connected car solution will help bridge the gap between the electric, shared, and autonomous vehicles, which will play an increasingly large role in people’s methods of transport.

Key Services

  • Station Locator

    The Station Locator API allows you to connect with Shell’s global site database in the cloud in order to pull information regarding site amenities, prices and facilities.

  • Shell Drive

    For Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Economy seekers, who are looking for getting the maximum possible mileage for the fuel and money used, the Shell Drive API is a mobile driving companion that marries Shell’s fuel expertise with the driver’s passion for motoring.

  • Fill Up and Go

    We know people lead very busy lives. Sometimes our customers don’t need coffee, milk or groceries from our shop. Sometimes you just want to fill up and go. The Fill Up & Go API allows you to access our speedy mobile fuel payment service that gets you back to where you need to be.

  • Loyalty

    The Loyalty API provides access to our truly holistic loyalty program that will reward behavioural and transactional interactions across both fuel and non-fuel retail. Innovative, evolving, flexible but most importantly, rewarding for our loyalty members.

Station Locator

Connecting to the API will allow you to display Shell site data on your navigation map or search through the full list of Shell sites. Combining the Station Locator API with vehicle management data could allow you to display Shell site data when the user is low on fuel and a Shell site is coming in range. The user will be able to find the nearest Shell Station, tailor their search to look for specific services and amenities or compare fuel prices across Shell sites.

Station Locator

Shell Drive

Shell Drive aims to drive digital engagement beyond the forecourt by introducing a driving companion that embodies Shell’s welcoming moments and offers the services that drivers expect. The Shell Drive API records and analyses trips, allowing motorists to track and monitor how their driving behaviour contributes to fuel consumption. Through the use of gamification, motorists can compare their performance with other Shell Drivers, collect points and participate in challenges with a chance to win great prizes.

Station Locator

Fill Up & Go

Powered by our payment partners, it lets you pay for fuel quickly and easily from your car. Once the user accesses one of our retail sites, the Fill Up & Go service will start to authenticate your visit and quickly allows you to seamless pay for your fuel. The Fill Up & Go API is connected to the Shell Mobile Payment platform, which provides flexibility to add Payment provides and CVP enablement in various markets.



Overcome the apathy – grab their attention with some positive, unexpected surprises. Loyalty members will get the best experience whilst they’re with us and send them away with an incentive to come back with “always-on” rewards and guaranteed rewards. Additional benefits about the Loyalty API will involve the display of real-time personalised rewards while checking-in at Shell sites. The user will be in total control of their available rewards whilst sitting in the car.