John Abbott

Thank you all for being here, for making the journey to be here and sharing your thoughts on one of the greatest challenges facing us today.

I don’t know how quickly trends like those we’re seeing in the mobility space will play out in different regions but it’s a challenge we want to work with all of you – and like-minded partners across the world – on.

Journeys. Mobility. Simple words with so much significance. Most journeys we make are forgotten. But some we remember forever. The journey home from hospital with a new born baby. The first time you step on a plane and experience the wide world beyond our shores. The first time you ride a bike…

Today, in large parts of the world we often take journeys and mobility for granted. From the invention of the wheel through to the internal combustion engine, innovation has allowed each generation to get further, faster, more frequently than those that came before. But our journeys have come at a price.

Transport accounts for more than one quarter of the world’s total energy use and one fifth of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. This means that the transport sector has a fundamental role to play in helping global efforts to reduce emissions.

I feel proud to work for a company that has been part of the transport sector for well over a century.  And I’m committed to doing what I can to help Shell be part of the transport sector for decades to come. After all, times of great change bring great opportunity.

You’ve heard already today about some of the work we’re doing at Shell to provide some of the solutions that will help move transport in the right direction. You’ll hear more over the remainder of the day. From new fuels -  Hydrogen, GtL, biofuels, LNG, electric charging - to the work we’re doing to help improve the efficiency of the internal combustion engine and about the work we’re doing to provide digitally-based services that make our customers’ lives more convenient.

Because ultimately our customers will decide on the solutions they want. Our job is to provide the solutions that customers need now and anticipate what they will need in the future.

We know our customers pretty well. Our 500,000 frontline service champions serve 30million customers a day across our 44,000 retail sites in more than 70 countries.

And our Retail network is just part of the customer story for Shell’s Downstream, which also includes hundreds of thousands of B2B customers.

In fact, this great, global customer base provides the perfect sensing mechanism for Shell. They bring us unparalleled customer insights.

But we can’t take on this challenge alone. The only way we can do this is by working together.

That’s why it’s so important for us to continue having conversations like the ones we’re having today.

The transport sector will change at different paces in different countries. Shell needs to hear from people like you - the brightest minds from across the sector. We need to listen, be curious and to learn. 

We want to continue to forge relationships and collaborations across the world to help bring the solutions needed by society to customers like you, at the right time and at the right price.

I’ll finish as Ben started. The world doesn’t need one solution or another. But one solution and another and another and then some more.

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