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Fuels of the Future

Shell Integrated Gas & New Energies Director Maarten Wetselaar on fuels of the future during CERA Week in Houston.

The power of perseverance

Five years after becoming CEO of Shell, Ben van Beurden talks about climate change, his leadership style and Shell’s biggest ever financial transformation.

Trust in the digital age

At the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden speaks on the need to gain public trust and the importance of transparency and ethical behaviour.

Moving with the times

Shell CEO Ben van Beurden on the importance of natural gas even during a time of change in the global energy system.

The Feats of Focus

Shell Integrated Gas & New Energies Director Maarten Wetselaar on the local gas market in Trinidad & Tobago.

Signals to a brighter future

Speaking in London, UK, Shell CEO Ben van Beurden addresses the need for clear signals from the world's governments to unlock a cleaner future. Read the speech in full.

The Spirit of Innovation

Shell Projects and Technology Director Harry Brekelmans on 50 years of innovation and how to turn a flash of ingenuity into a lasting legacy.


Overview of published speeches by Shell leaders.

Bridges to the future of energy

In Istanbul, Turkey, Shell's Chief Executive Ben van Beurden emphasised the importance of taking a global perspective on the challenge of tackling climate change.

Read Ben van Beurden's speech

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