Joel Bearden of Edelman and Dirk Behm of Ostee Zeitung present the Communication Award to the H2Zero

Communication Award

H2Zero (UrbanConcept, Hydrogen) – Green Team Twente – University of Twente, Netherlands

The Communication Award goes to the team who delivers the most impactful campaign to promote the team. Applicants have to submit a communications plan, implementation summary, and an impact analysis.

Judges commented that the team had a clear vision of the message they wanted to communicate, created beautiful content and clearly explained every stage of their campaign.

Their passion came through in all facets of their work and they were able to attract a very strong network of supporters. The judges felt the team were all perfectly capable of moving into a professional career immediately.

“Being here and doing so much with social media is our way of sharing the moment with the people who have supported and followed us over the past months,” said Ymiel van der Zanden, who worked on the team’s communications.

Runner-up teams:

  • TU/ecomotive, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • AFORP Eco-marathon, Aforp Drancy, France
 Frits-Jan Edelijn, HSSE Specialist The Hague presents the Safety Award to the Istanbul, #353, battery electric Prototype

Safety Award

ISTANBUL (Prototype, Battery Electric) – AE2 Project Team – Yildiz Technical University, Turkey

This award goes to the team with the best understanding of safe design concepts and working practices as well as a proactive approach to their own and other people’s safety at the event.

The judges selected AE2 for their comprehensive safety mindset, which was integrated from theory through to practice. The team ensured excellent safety reporting and compliance but were also brilliant at the basics, with extensive training in fire safety and first aid, and clean working practices in the paddock.

“We have a safety-driven way of working which is just as important as getting good numbers on the track,” said team member Borhan Işık.

Runner-up teams:

  • Prometheus, University of Athens, Greece
  • HIDROIST, Istanbul University, Turkey
Steve Marty and Nathan of SWRI present the Technical Innovation Award to the Arrow

Technical Innovation Award

ARROW (Prototype, battery electric) – Vector Ecoteam – MINES ParisTech & Lycées Louis Armand, France

This award is presented to the team which demonstrates outstanding technical ingenuity along with optimal use of new materials, components and inventions in their drive train, chassis, body, instrumentation and tyres.

The judges were impressed by Vector Ecoteam’s control system, which uses vehicle information and a track model to change the car’s speed automatically based on the optimal target speed for fuel efficiency.

Using technology to simplify driving and ensure that every driver can achieve optimal fuel efficiency will be a key element of the connected future, said the judges.

Runner-up teams:

  • SZEnergy Team, Szechenyi Istvan University, Hungary
  • H2politO - molecole da corsa, Politecnico Di Torino, Italy

Team Phidippides Quadriga from Hogeschool Rotterdam, Netherlands, receives an honourable mention for the best execution of the all-wheel steering. However, they did not complete a valid run.

Team receiving vehicle design award

Vehicle design award

eLi15 (Prototype, battery electric) – TUfast Eco Team – Technische Universität München, Germany

The Vehicle Design Award recognises the most original, coherent vehicle in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics, technical feasibility and eco-friendliness. Judges weigh each of these criteria equally in reaching a decision on the overall winning vehicle. 

The judges felt that all elements of the car came together to deliver an outstanding concept. The striking looks included separate covers for the front wheels delivering a vehicle which is compact, efficient with space and fully crafted from carbon. It was the most homogenous concept and also had outstanding attention to detail. This came through in their on-track organisation too – from the approach on the track through to the team uniform.

“We kept four principles in mind - efficiency, simplicity, reliability and safety,” said Kilian Lerch, team manager.

Runner-up teams:

  • Team Eco'Momes 31, College Marcel Doret, France
  • DNV GL Fuel Fighter, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Team taking award

Perseverance and spirit of the event award

TIM07 (UrbanConcept, Ethanol) – Toulouse Ingenierie Multidisciplinaire (TIM) – INSA de Toulouse, France

Teams cannot apply for this award, instead it is presented to the team which best embodies the spirit and values of the event through their actions. For example, overcoming great obstacles, supporting others, staying in high spirits, and showing outstanding resilience, resolve and resourcefulness.

TIM were chosen unanimously for this award for their work in helping other teams – including their main competitor DTU Roadrunners from Denmark – who were facing problems, and their own hard work to resolve challenging problems with their vehicle.

Team member Nicholas Gaiqui said, “They know they can count on us for anything, and we know we can count on them.”

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