Technical innovation award

Winner: Prometheus, National Technical University Of Athens, Greece  

The innovation that won Prometheus the award was the advanced, near-autonomous driving control system in their vehicle. Their driver pushes a button, and from that point the vehicle uses GPS and other technologies to assess where they are and what forces are acting upon them. If the driver takes control temporarily and then returns to the system, the technology looks for ways to complete the lap as efficiently as possible. 

Vehicle design award (Prototype & Urban Concept)

Prototype: H2politO, Politecnico Di Torino, Italy 
UrbanConcept: UC SHELL ECO, Ostfold University College, Norway 

Team H2politoO won because their vehicle is not only efficient and ecological, with great aerodynamics, but also beautifully engineered inside. 

Team UC SHELL ECO won because their design was as close to the standards of a real production car as possible, which is a true reflection of the UrbanConcept category.

Safety award

Winner: TUC Eco-Racing, Technical University of Crete, Greece

TUC Eco-Racing won for its excellent blend of vehicle design and safety, as well as their excellent approach to occupational safety while working at the event.

A lot of thought went into the structural integrity of the vehicle – their chassis had crumple zones that deform to protect the driver, while being very structurally rigid. They balanced safety, performance and design. 

Communications award

Winner: Prometheus, National Technical University Of Athens, Greece

Prometheus had two clear objectives: raise awareness and raise funding or sponsorship. They succeeded in both by securing international crowd funding. They ended up with 104 separate investors giving them a total of 5,800 euro. Prometheus also used every means of communication from TV to press and digital media, as well as their own website.

Perseverance and spirit of the event award

Winner: LSA Khadi AIS, Kharkibv National Automobile And Highway University, Ukraine

This award is recognises teams who have overcome struggles by working together to achieve success. Ukrainian team LSA Khadi AIS won this category because they have been through the most hardship in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe. Following issues with their visas that prevented some team members from making it to the event, the team battled on. 

They also faced issues with their car, working hard to replace a broken part once they finally arrived in London. Despite all this, they passed technical inspection in one on the quickest times.

Make the Future Live is a four-day festival of ideas and innovation offering curious minds of all ages a glimpse into the global energy future, featuring live science shows and amazing inventions and cars of the future.

Meanwhile, in the Olympic Stadium, Shell Powering Progress Together forum brought together innovators, entrepreneurs, scientists and economists to debate ways to help the transition towards a lower-carbon society.

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