After months of preparation and four exciting days of competition, the 30th anniversary of Shell Eco-marathon Europe has drawn to a close. There were three new track records set this year, two of which were the strongest performances in the competition’s history.

Shell Eco-marathon sees university and high school students from around the world challenged to design and build their own hyper-efficient vehicles which are then tested to see how far they can drive on the equivalent of 1 litre of gasoline.

The competition involved 197 teams from 26 countries who travelled to Rotterdam, Netherlands to compete in two different car design categories: a futuristic Prototype category and an UrbanConcept category, with a choice to race one of seven different energy types.

In 1985 the winning vehicle would have been efficient enough to travel from Rotterdam to London on just one litre of fuel. Now, 30 years later, team Microjoule-La Joliverie could travel from Rotterdam to Moscow on the same quantity of fuel with their 2551.8km/l performance in the Prototype CNG category which was the most efficient result of the competition this year.

Norman Koch, Global Technical Director, Shell Eco-marathon said: “This was a remarkable year. 

We celebrated 30 years of Shell Eco-marathon and now as we say thank you and goodbye to the city of Rotterdam we proudly pass the baton to London, as the next host city in 2016.”

“Three new track records have been set and we saw particular improvement in the UrbanConcept category. Overall, teams delivered improved designs and leveraged innovation in software and driving control, as was evidenced by the winner of the Technical Innovation award, Vector Ecoteam.”

Vector Ecoteam who competed in the Prototype category with a battery electric vehicle developed a control system which fine-tunes the vehicle speed by computer to ensure the lowest energy use.  

In the Prototype category, team TED of France achieved 2308.3km/l with gasoline and team Iut Gmp Valenciennes set a new track record of 1323.1 km/l with diesel.

In the UrbanConcept category, team Lycee Louis Delage of France achieved the best-ever performance and track record of 517.3 km/l with gasoline, team DTU Roadrunners of Denmark achieved the best-ever performance and track record of 665 km/l with ethanol.  DTU Roadrunners said they “made it because of everyone’s help and after a stressful start we were able to set a record which we are very pleased about” referring to earlier difficulties they faced with their vehicle, and Team Schluckspecht from Germany claimed their trophy for the third time in a row with diesel. 

Around 50,000 visitors came to Rotterdam during the four days of competition to experience the event and visit the Shell Energy Lab which provided new insights into energy science for families and children. This is the last Shell Eco-marathon Europe to be hosted in Rotterdam and after four years, the City proudly passes the competition to London for 2016.

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2015 Winners

Race Nr. Prototype category Winner Result
6 Shell FuelSave Gasoline Prize TED – Airbus Helicopters Centre de Formation Technique (FR) 2308.3 km/l
161 Shell FuelSave Diesel Prize Iut Gmp Valenciennes – I.U.T Valenciennes (FR) 1323.1 km/l
129 Alternative Fuel (E100 + GTL) Prize Equip UMH – Universitat Miguel Hernandez D’elx (ES) 1496.4 km/l
101 CNG Microjoule-La Joliverie – Lycee Saint-Joseph La Joliverie (FR) 2551.8 km/l
327 Battery-electric Prize TUfast Eco Team – Technische Universitaet Muenchen (DE) 863.1 km/kWh
202 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prize Eco-Runner Team Delft – Delft University Of Technology (NL) 1227.5 km/m3


Race Nr. UrbanConcept category Winner Result
502 Shell FuelSave Gasoline Prize Lycee Louis Delage – Lycee Louis Delage (FR) 517.3 km/l
503 Shell FuelSave Diesel Prize Schluckspecht – University Of Applied Sciences Offenburg (DE) 312.9 km/l
501 Alternative Fuel (E100 + GTL) Prize DTU Roadrunners – Technical University Of Denmark (DK) 665.0 km/
719 Battery-electric Prize ISEN Toulon / SCS – ISEN Toulon (FR) 308.5 km/kWh
601 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prize La Joliverie Polytech Nantes – Polytech Nantes (FR) 372.6 km/m3

Shell Eco-marathon Europe 2015 Off-Track Awards

Success comes from endeavour on the track, but also from dedication, teamwork and innovation in the months leading up to the competition. Nowhere is this truer than in the off-track awards which recognise teams who have achieved excellence in technical innovation, vehicle design, safety and communications. A special award is also made to recognise the team who best represents the spirit of the competition.


Find out more about each award


Race Nr. Winner Award
614 Green Team Twente – University of Twente (NL) Communications Award
327 TUfast Eco Team – Technische Universitaet Muenchen (DE) Vehicle Design Award
324 Vector Ecoteam – MINES ParisTech & Lycées Louis Armand (FR) Technical Innovation Award
353 AE2 Project team – Yildiz Technical University (TK) Safety Award
515 Toulouse Ingénierie Multidisciplinaire (FR) Perseverance and Spirit of the Event Award

Note to Editors

About Shell Eco-marathon

Shell Eco-marathon is a unique, global competition that challenges students to push the boundaries of energy efficiency on the road. There are three Shell Eco-marathon competitions held throughout the year in Asia, America and Europe. The competition provides an arena for students to test vehicles they design and build themselves. It aims to inspire young people to become scientists and engineers of the future.

The challenge demands innovative problem-solving, creativity and collaboration. It is a unique, hands-on experience that equips students with invaluable skills and knowledge. Shell Eco-marathon – together with Shell Energy Lab and the Powering Progress Together forum – attracts thousands of visitors every year, sparking debate around the future of energy and mobility.

At Shell Eco-marathon Europe, a future generation of engineers and scientists aged 16-25 from around 30 countries in Europe and beyond compete against each other. Success is determined by the distance each team travels on the equivalent of 1 litre of fuel. With Rotterdam as the host city, Shell brings the competition closer to the public with a fit-for-purpose street circuit.

Shell Eco-marathon Europe is a visible demonstration of Shell’s concern with helping the world to meet its growing energy needs in a responsible way and demonstrates its collaborative approach, bringing together students, partners and the public.

Shell Eco-marathon Europe celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. It was the fourth time in a row it took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Various activities around the challenge were offered at the venue to engage and inspire European citizens in the future of our energy and the technologies to meet our future needs.

Shell Eco-marathon is a global initiative with similar events in the US and Asia every year. Shell Eco-marathon Americas took place April 9-12 in Detroit, Michigan and Shell Eco-marathon Asia took place February 26 - March 1 in Manila, Philippines.

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