Shell Eco-marathon 2020 Programme Update

Important update to the Shell Eco-marathon 2020 programme in response to the ongoing developments of the COVID-19 virus.

Important Information

Chapter I & II Off-Track Awards - Winners Announced!

Safety Award

Winner: Team #345, AE2 Project Team, Yildiz Technical University – Turkey

Lead Judge: Gilles Vanier, Shell Eco-marathon Technical Director Europe, Shell:

“The winner demonstrated a compelling commitment to the daily safety practices. Their approach was to raise awareness and act proactively. In that way they took series of training, working with electricity, usage of workshop equipment, first aid to develop their general HSSE knowledge and culture. They applied by creating a risk report to estimate the priority and developed solutions on daily practice and vehicle design.”

Honourable mention: Team #350, CUT Eco-Racing, Cairo University – Egypt

“CUT Eco-Racing Cairo University Egypt demonstrated how an accident in the past can be used to learn and develop how safety approach can be converted in natural culture” 

Circular Economy Award

Winner: Team #606, UMAKIT, Bursa Uludağ University – Turkey

Lead Judge: Richard Taylor, Global Technical Development Manager, Shell:

“The judges were particularly impressed by a broad understanding of the key circular economy concepts. In addition to a strong focus on using waste as resources and reprocessing waste plastic collected by the team for 3-d printed parts on the vehicle they also considered the role of common platforms across vehicles and a modular design for extending life. Additionally, Team UMAKIT thought about design for re-use of system components which is another important part of the circular economy.”

Technical innovation Award, presented by Southwest Research Institute

Winner: Team #606, UMAKIT, Bursa Uludağ University – Turkey

Lead Judge: Steve Marty, VP Fuels and Lubricants Research, Southwest Research Institute:

“The team developed an innovative in-wheel suspension system that improved vehicle dynamics and allowed the elimination of traditional suspension components. This enabled significant mass reduction that led to an increase in vehicle efficiency.”

Honourable mention: Team #7 PV3E, ESTACA Paris-Saclay – France

“Honourable Mention goes to Team PV3E for their introduction of adiabatic materials and technologies in a Controlled Auto-Ignition combustion chamber.”

Communications Award

Winner: Team #601, Green Team Twente, University Of Twente – Netherlands

Lead Judge: Britt Burnett, GM Marketing and Technical Europe:

“Green Team Twente developed a very professional communication plan with a strategy for “introduce”, “inform” and “hype” across a strong mix of media channels and events e.g. the car reveal at the Museum Exhibition. Good volume and very engaging content. Their communication is easily recognizable – which is the foundation of good brand building. The team also demonstrated understanding of how to use good marketing tools can put the team in an incredibly good stance for the competition. Well done Green Team Twente – well deserved Communication Award win”

Vehicle Design Award (Prototype), presented by Altair

Winner: Team #215, Hydrogreen Pollub, Lublin University of Technology – Poland

Lead Judge: Joyce Tang, Application Engineer, Altair:

“The winners of this award demonstrated a commendable effort on prototyping the design of a completed vehicle. Careful consideration was made to ensure their driver was well protected. Not only does their design look prominent, but the level of detail paid towards the material choices and justifying these choices based upon it’s recyclability shows a great deal of responsibility as future engineers.”

Honourable mention: Team #314, Avtomobilist, University of Ruse – Bulgaria

“Team Avtomobilist demonstrated an immense amount of CFD analyses on their chosen design. It would’ve been lovely to see an analytical comparison on how chose their final design.”

Vehicle Design Award (Urban Concept), presented by Altair

Winner: Team #615, Eco-Runner Team Delft, Delft University Of Technology – Netherlands

Lead Judge: Andreas Demetriades, Application Engineer, Altair:

“Eco-Runner Team Delft had an excellent report, covering the key simulation work completed to help improve aerodynamic efficiency and weight optimisation. Careful selection of powertrain components has drastically reduced losses and clever integration of autonomous technologies proved an extra step taken to improve their on-track performance.

Honourable mention: Team #514, H2politO - Molecules going hybrid, Politecnico Di Torino – Italy

“Team H2politO showed excellent quantifiable justification for the design decisions made across the car, with clever autonomy and powertrain improvements increasing the car’s efficiency.”

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Virtual Learning Sessions
Session YouTube Link
Creating Lightweight Optimised Designs with Altair Inspire Full session
Q&A session
Fast Meshless Analysis with Altair SimSolid Full session
Q&A session
Lower Energy Consumption and Better Performance with optimised aerodynamics with Altair Engineering  Full session
Q&A session
Introduction to the 3DExperience platform with SOLIDWORKS  Full session
Q&A session

The above programme is offered to 2020 Shell Eco-marathon participants from their respective regions. Shell International Limited does not endorse any of the products or services offered and is not liable for the accuracy of information shared by partners during Virtual Learning Sessions. Sessions may be recorded and shared publicly. Participation of Virtual Learning Sessions, and any programme or offer from partners, is entirely at participants own risk. Spaces are limited and offered on a first-come-first-served basis and timings are subject to change. Participating in Virtual Learning Sessions does not come with any official Shell Eco-marathon accreditation.

2020 Off-track Awards
Titles Date and Time How to participate
Spirit of Shell Eco-marathon Award TBC Details to be announced soon
Lifetime Achievement Award TBC Details to be announced soon

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