The winners were selected by a jury of distinguished judges, all experts in their respective fields.

Communication Award

Anubis (UrbanConcept) - Team CUT Eco-Racing - Cairo University, Egypt

The Communication Award goes to the team who delivers the most impactful campaign to promote the team. Applicants have to submit a communications plan, implementation summary, and an impact analysis.

Judges agreed that team CUT Eco-Racing understood the strategic value of media engagement were able to get to the heart of it. The team organised the country’s biggest engineering festival and succeeded in getting not only the Prime Minister, but also six other ministers, to attend the event.

This jumpstarted their story to take a life of its own. Their campaign caught the attention of various sponsors, which greatly benefitted the team. 

Shell Helix Tribology Award

Symmetry V3.0 (UrbanConcept) – TIP Mileage Proto – Technological Institute of the Philippines, Manila

This award goes to the team with the best example of fuel efficiency gains through the use of lubricants as part of their Shell Eco-marathon car.

Team TIP Mileage Proto from the Technological Institute of the Philippines diligently thought about quantifying the effect of different lubricants on friction. Then testing various lubricants with different viscosity to minimise the fuel consumption of the vehicle, then took advantage of low-viscosity synthetic oils.

The team also thought about lubricants in all parts of the engine, using a chain drive lubricated with a brush type oil dispenser that also kept the chain clean. Lastly, they looked at the impact of different materials and used wheel bearings with plastic retainer to improve energy efficiency.

Safety Award

Nanyang Venture IX (Prototype) – Team Nanyang E Drive – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

This award goes to the team with the best understanding of safe design concepts and working practices as well as a proactive approach to their own and other people’s safety at the event.

Team Nanyang E Drive won the Safety award alongside the Technical Innovation award for displaying strong awareness of potential hazards, and for putting in control checks and measures to ensure that incidents are prevented. Judges were impressed that each team member had consistently showed adherence to safety practices – a good sign that safety had truly been ingrained and embedded in the hearts and minds of the team. 

Technical Innovation Award

Nanyang Venture IX (Prototype) – Team Nanyang E Drive – Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Team Nanyang E Drive impressed judges with the application of a novel steering mechanism which included stepper motor control. This allows the car to lean when turning corners to maintain its speed. An electronic control circuit was designed to determine the optimum leaning angle as a function of vehicle speed and corner radius. The same team is also winner of this year’s Safety award.

“We applied these innovations to our car in order satisfy Ackerman's Theory for both steering and tilting mechanisms which then maximises fuel efficiencies around corners," said Parinda Kumarasiri, team driver.


Vehicle Design Award

CD04-evo (Prototype) – Clean Diesel Team – Hyogo Prefectural Tajima Technical Institute, Japan

Prototype diesel category winners Clean Diesel Team successfully integrated ergonomic, aesthetic, material, technical and eco-friendly elements into their design, which allows sufficient space for the driver’s comfort while being aerodynamically optimised and visually pleasing. 

The team efficiently used a structure made of carbon fibre of just the right thickness, turned a conventional approach into creative implementation with their power train and engine management system to improve overall driving efficiency, and utilised recyclable materials reducing the car’s environmental footprint. 

Perseverance and Spirit of the Event Award

Faith (Prototype) - Team Alfaisal - Alfaisal University, Saudi Arabia

This award is presented to the team best embodying the spirit and values of the event through their actions: overcoming great obstacles, supporting others, staying in high spirits, and showing outstanding resilience, resolve and resourcefulness.

Team Alfaisal showed great resilience despite a delay in receiving their car onsite. They remained positive and chose to move forward and prepare whatever they could while waiting. Despite losing precious time, it did not stop them from sharing their materials and resources with neighbouring teams. 

The team donated their spare engine to a competing Philippine team whose engine suddenly broke. Judges said Alfaisal had demonstrated that the event is not about winning, instead reaching a common goal – driving innovation to achieve sustainable mobility. 

Abdulmoshin Albabtain, driver and team leader, said, “It's not all about the competition, but shared knowledge as well. Several teams came to help us as we experienced problems with our car. It was all for one and one for all."

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