Shell Eco-marathon 2020 Programme Update

Important update to the Shell Eco-marathon 2020 programme in response to the ongoing developments of the COVID-19 virus.

Important Information

Chapter I & II Off-Track Awards - Winners Announced!

Technical innovation Award, presented by Southwest Research Institute:

Winner: Team #201, TP Eco-Flash, Temasek Polytechnic High School – Singapore
Lead Judge: Steve Marty, VP Fuels and Lubricants Research, Southwest Research Institute:
“The winners implemented an energy conserving, purge-free water removal system for their hydrogen fuel cell. From their design and testing they were able to demonstrate energy savings through better fuel cell operation and also reduced hydrogen fuel waste. Their purge-free approach is very applicable to use in most any fuel cell applications as the design is simplistic yet also effective.”

Communications Award:

Winner: Team #17, Eco Titans, VIT University – India
Lead Judge: Jonho Heng, Manager Customer Operations, Shell:
“From the start, the winning team had a very clear vision and objective of their communications along with a structured strategy. The usage of various channels stood out especially on the impact from each of those channels. This team have an extensive coverage including high-school student as part of the awareness sessions. Finally, it was great that we see the team give back to community integrated into their communications.”

Honourable mention: Team #504, Semar Urban UGM, Universitas Gadjah Mada – Indonesia
“Whilst not selected as the winner, we would like to make a special mention to Team #504 Semar Urban UGM, where their communication stories touched the heart of the audience through personal stories which makes it extremely relatable. We also like to mention that this team created their own branded merchandise which was elegantly designed and a great way for their stories to stick in people’s hearts and minds.”

Circular Economy Award:

Winner: Team #316, Pravega, Government Engineering College, Barton Hill University – India
Lead Judge: Pandu Ranga Chirala, Altair
“The winners impressed the judges with a novel concept of using bamboo which is very eco-friendly in constructing their vehicle. The team took this concept to a new level by the degree in which they actively engaged and attracted interests from car manufacturers, and the “bamboo strength” had even been certified by local regulatory bodies. An exemplary and creative effort with great attention to detail in the application of circular economy model!”

Vehicle Design Award (Prototype), presented by Altair:

Winner: Team #315, DTU E-Supermileage, Delhi Technical University – India
Lead Judge: Pandu Ranga Chirala, Altair:
“The winners submissions showed evidence for implemented lessons learned to reduce the drag with wheel covers, they achieved weight reduction, increased safety and focused on material section manufacturability as well as good efforts on virtual product development and simulation. The jury was impressed with the demonstrated thought process and execution to achieve the goals. The documentation is thorough and detailed. The team presented a completed vehicle that well represented their conceptual design. The thought process for the decision of material was well described and explained.”

Honourable mention: Team #308, Politeknik Brunei SSE, Politeknik Brunei – Brunei Darussalam
“Significant and consistent improvement every year, efficiency improved due to new ideas and thorough research on creating eco cars. Good balance of safety, ergonomics, and performance.”

Vehicle Design Award (Urban Concept), presented by Altair:

Winner: Team #709, NV11 Nanyang Autonomous Venture, Nanyang Technological University – Singapore
Lead Judge: Pandu Ranga Chirala, Altair:
“The winners demonstrated good efforts on concept design, packaging, and detailed design. They captured the total product development process including validation very well. Ergonomics including seating, steering, controls and visibility have been taken care of. The usage of the logo as engine hood lock looks cool. Innovative mechanisms and the link provided to a YouTube video demonstrated well. The vehicle design is fantastic, and the interior is well-constructed and polished. Overall presentation well done, good attention to detail.”

Honourable mention: Team #615, Averera, Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University – India
“An honourable mention goes to this team for their detailed work on component design, including parking brake design. The technical feasibility and manufacturing process were documented well in their plans by a cross functional team with good focus on simulation.”

Safety Award:

Winner: Team #320 Inferno, Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology University – India
Lead Judge: Gilles Vanier, Shell Eco-marathon Technical Director Europe, Shell:
“The winner demonstrated a compelling commitment to the daily safety practices. The team created a step wise approach, a risk assessment and clear signage in their workshop to review and focus on best practices. By conducting several seminars and interaction programs with the public, they are proving that safety is a culture, not just a set of rules to follow.”

Watch the Asia Off Track Awards on YouTube here:

Virtual Learning Sessions
Session YouTube Link
Creating Lightweight Optimised Designs with Altair Inspire Full session
Q&A session
Fast Meshless Analysis with Altair SimSolid Full session
Q&A session
Lower Energy Consumption and Better Performance with optimised aerodynamics with Altair Engineering Full session
Q&A session
Introduction to the 3DExperience platform with SOLIDWORKS  Full session
Q&A session

The above programme is offered to 2020 Shell Eco-marathon participants from their respective regions. Shell International Limited does not endorse any of the products or services offered and is not liable for the accuracy of information shared by partners during Virtual Learning Sessions. Sessions may be recorded and shared publicly. Participation of Virtual Learning Sessions, and any programme or offer from partners, is entirely at participants own risk. Spaces are limited and offered on a first-come-first-served basis and timings are subject to change. Participating in Virtual Learning Sessions does not come with any official Shell Eco-marathon accreditation.

2020 Off-track Awards
Titles Date and Time How to participate
Spirit of Shell Eco-marathon Award TBC Details to be announced soon
Lifetime Achievement Award TBC Details to be announced soon

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