The Off-Track Award winners were selected by a jury of nine distinguished judges, all experts in their respective fields.

Safety Award

Shopgirls (team 56) – Prototype diesel

“For the second consecutive year, the team showed outstanding focus on their work-space cleanness and personal protective equipment”.

Communications Award

Ecolancers (team 45) – Prototype gasoline

“The team implemented an impressive array of communications efforts and activities when promoting their Shell Eco-marathon project”, says Cindy Hecht, Brand and Corporate Communications Hitachi.

Perseverance and team spirit award

Braham High School

"The team have worked diligently throughout the entire event and all three cars brought over have successfully passed technical inspection.  Their advisor encourages the students to problem solve on their own and do all of the work themselves.  In the meantime, they’re helping other teams in the paddock, with great team spirit."

Universidad Presbiteriana Mackenzie (team 312 – Prototype Battery Electric)

"The Universidad Presbiteriana Mackenzie team’s vehicle arrived only on Saturday afternoon, after getting held up in customs for 3 weeks.  While waiting for their vehicle to arrive, the students assisted several teams in the paddock area.  “It is important to help because everyone wants to compete.  So we will help – no problem,” said the team manager.  The team passed technical inspection on Sunday and finally made it to the track."

Vehicle Design Award

Alden Conger High School (team 522) -  Prototype Supermileage Team

"Recognising innovative design reserach in terms of ergonomics, aesthectics."

Technical Innovation

Duke University (team 302) - Duke Electric vehicle

Team demonstrated outstanding initiative and technical ingenuity along optimal use of new materials in the drive train chassis.

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