Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2015 Results

It was a welcome turn around for the Toronto team.  Perennial favourites, Laval University of Quebec, had beaten them on the final day last year in Houston. This year, on Detroit’s hilly streets, just across the river from Canada, it was a different script.

Laval had posted an astounding 3,365 miles per gallon (1431 kilometres per litre) mark by mid-day Sunday and seemed secure to take its sixth victory out of the last seven Shell Eco-marathon Americas events. Their Toronto rivals battled problems all day, including four failed runs and a crash. “We had problems with our battery, and our steering actually broke,” said driver Kristine Confalone.

Then, on their seventh and final outing, it all came together: “We were one of the last cars on the track,” Confalone said. “We were really lucky to be able to go again right after and get that last one in.”  The last run hit the jackpot at 3,421 miles per gallon (1,454 kilometres per litre) – two percent better than Laval.

This is Toronto’s first time taking home the grand prize.  Laval still holds the Shell Eco-marathon Americas all time record of 3,587 miles per gallon (1506 kilometres per litre) it set two years ago in Houston.