Shell Eco-marathon 2020 Programme Update

Important update to the Shell Eco-marathon 2020 programme in response to the ongoing developments of the COVID-19 virus.

Important Information

Chapter I & II Off-Track Awards - Winners Announced!

Technical Innovation Award, presented by Southwest Research Institute:

Winner: Team #600, Mater Dei Supermileage 2 from Mater Dei High School

Lead Judge: Steve Marty, VP Fuels and Lubricants Research, Southwest Research Institute:

"The Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2020 Technical Innovation Award goes to team Mater Dei Supermileage 2. This team designed, constructed and then refined an airless tire and wheel combination. They optimized four wheels for weight reduction, frictional grip, rolling resistance and aerodynamics. These wheels have been in use for 2 seasons, with on-going enhancements as race experience was obtained. These tire/wheel combinations have the potential for various real-world applications and energy savings."

Communications Award:

Winner: Team #1866, Drop Team, Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Sul

Lead Judge: Deepthi Bollu, Digital Innovations Lead, Shell Lubricants:

"The winner of the Shell Eco-marathon Americas Communications award 2020 is "Drop Team". We were super impressed with Drop team with their Omnichannel marketing - from Media (Press, Journals, Radio, TV, Podcasts (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Sound Cloud), to Websites, to Social (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), to Live Events (Exhibitions, Lunches) to even billboards. The quality of their content, especially video was really good. Drop team was very innovative and showcased Shell Eco-marathon well. The Team had an excellent use of traditional and social media outlets. We were most impressed with their analytics, measuring the impact. This is key to validate the cost if something similar was ever commercialized. The team demonstrated consummate professionalism and their reports were complete and thorough."

Honourable mention: Taq Balam:

"Taq Balam deserves a honorable mention as they were on par with Drop team in almost every aspect. A notch up on volume and variety was the only differentiating factor. Thank you to all the teams - you all did an incredible job promoting, generating awareness and creating an impact as part of this year's Shell Eco-marathon competition."

Vehicle Design Award, Urban Concept:

Winner: Team #3382, Louisiana Tech Eco Car from Louisiana Tech University

Lead Judge: Mak Gilbert, Chief Engineer, Altair:

"The jury recognises the team’s innovative design, research and original execution for ergonomics, aesthetics, choice of materials, technical feasibility and eco-friendliness. The judging panel particularly appreciated the original and well-proportioned styling of the Tech E. This aesthetic was backed-up by the team’s careful attention to detail in strengthening and stiffening the frame, upgrading the powertrain and keeping the driver safe."

Vehicle Design Award, Prototype:

Winner: Team #291, Cedarville Supermileage Sting, Cedarville University

Lead Judge: Adrian Juergens, Technical Director Shell Eco-marathon, Shell:

"This team presented a succinct yet comprehensive write up that documented and described their design processes from scale model all the way through to the fully finished vehicle. With each participation in the Shell Eco-marathon this team used their experiences and performed multiple iterations to improve their efficiency. The design was thoughtfully developed and meticulously executed to maximize the vehicles fuel efficiency and driver’s safety."

Circular Economy Award:

Winner: Team #2426, Sask Eco UC from Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Lead Judge: Benjamin Proler, Account Manager Integrated Jet, Shell:

"The team were chosen for their ingenuity in using recycled parts, 3D printing and even hockey sticks! Their material selection, standardized components, and effective segmentation of end-of-life products supports the economics of circular design. This team’s innovation has real-world application and proves higher resource productivity can be commonplace."

Safety Award:

Winner: Team #2421, JMU Supermileage from James Madison University

Lead Judge: Gilles Vanier, Technical Director Shell Eco-marathon, Shell:

“The team demonstrated a compelling commitment to the daily safety practices. The team appointed a safety officer and collectively created lists of rules to strictly follow in their workspace at Campus. All choice made for vehicle design were made for efficiency but without safety compromise and keeping the driver and other competitors safe was the first priority. “

Road Safety Stipend:

Winner: Team #1039, Northridge High School

Lead Judge: Bernd Marx, BGroup General Manager - Road Safety, Shell:

"Northridge High School prepared a comprehensive Travel Plan including all relevant activities/information such as itinerary, emergency contact list, first aid that are important for a safe trip."

Watch the awards on YouTube here:

Virtual Learning Sessions
Session  YouTube Link
Introducing the Autonomous Programming Competition with SwRI Full session
Q&A session
Creating Lightweight Optimised Designs with Altair Inspire Full session
Q&A session
Fast Meshless Analysis with Altair SimSolid Full session
Q&A session
Lower Energy Consumption and Better Performance with optimised aerodynamics with Altair Engineering Full session
Q&A session
Introduction to the 3DExperience platform with SOLIDWORKS Full session
Q&A session

The above program is offered to 2020 Shell Eco-marathon participants from their respective regions. Shell International Limited does not endorse any of the products or services offered, and is not liable for the accuracy of information shared by partners during Virtual Learning Sessions. Sessions may be recorded and shared publicly. Participation of Virtual Learning Sessions, and any program or offer from partners, is entirely at participants own risk. Spaces are limited and offered on a first-come-first-served basis and timings are subject to change. Participating in Virtual Learning Sessions does not come with any official Shell Eco-marathon accreditation.

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