Episode One

The two teams kick off the first leg of their epic journey in Los Angeles. It’s all whoops, claps and unbridled enthusiasm as they set off to Las Vegas in their chosen vehicles, but what happens when they have to take on their very first Black Bag Challenge? And how will Team Alpha cope when they have to take an electric vehicle out across a desert?

Episode Two

It’s one leg down and one team have taken the lead, but that can all change on leg two. Kaley sets the teams off through Nevada and Utah to Telluride and challenges them to take the ultimate selfie on the way. But when one team takes a wrong turn it sets them far off the beaten track, which means they have a lot of ground to cover, and quickly. Will they be able to do it in time? And when did horses come into the picture?

Episode Three

The weather’s getting colder, but the competition is heating up. With one team firmly in first place, leg three could be the ultimate decider. That is, until Kaley sets both teams off to a secret location, picking up some modified classic cars on the way. As we get halfway through the journey it’s everything to play for.

Episode Four

t’s leg four – Kansas City to Columbus, Ohio. And with a win under their belt, Team Alpha have a renewed optimism. But when Kaley challenges the teams to plan a party and pick up some noisy hitchhikers, they must divide and conquer to reach the finish line in time, but still with the lowest CO2 emissions.

Episode Five

The final countdown: Columbus, Ohio to New York City. Kaley sets the teams off, but who will reign supreme? Travel bloggers Damon and Jo, or tech guru and pro skateboarder John and Sarah? Who will win The Great Travel Hack USA?

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Discover more about the routes and vehicles the teams took on their lower CO2 emissions road trip from Los Angeles to New York City. You can also check out the full-length episodes and behind-the-scenes video and photography.

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