the great travel hack

The Great Travel Hack

Two teams, more than 30 vehicles, one amazing lower CO2 emissions challenge. In The Great Travel Hack it’s not about going faster, it’s about going cleaner. Learn about the challenge, the teams, the vehicles and more.

About Make the Future

Our world is exciting, dynamic and fast-moving. Energy plays a critical role in this. It keeps people moving, it takes us places and delivers products around the world. It's a key ingredient in countless things that we rely on every day, from building materials to the clothes on our backs.

As populations grow and thrive, so does the need for more energy. Energy to refrigerate food and medicines… to build roads and hospitals… to make plastics, fuels and fertilisers. Energy to transport goods across the world, and to the corner store… and to ensure people can get to work and school.

But, this increasing demand is contributing to rising environmental pressures. The production and use of energy contribute to climate change and pollution. The challenge is clear: the world must meet rising energy demand while bringing down greenhouse gases and improving the quality of the air people breathe.

This means changing the way the world produces and uses energy. From a high carbon system to a more sustainable, low carbon one.

Shell is a willing and able player in this transition. We continue to supply the world with natural gas - the cleanest burning hydrocarbon - to heat and light homes and power industry. We are investing in renewable energy like solar, wind and advanced bio fuels made from waste. We are exploring new ways of storing renewable energy. And we are developing digital products and services that help consumers and businesses use energy more efficiently, day in day out.

#MakeTheFuture showcases the on-going actions Shell is taking to help create this more sustainable energy-rich, lower carbon future.

Our initiatives

  • Cleaner Mobility

    Discover how Shell is providing more sustainable mobility options for cleaner transport, including electric vehicle charging, liquified natural gas and hydrogen.

    Cleaner Mobility

  • Cleaner Energy for Homes

    Find out how Shell is investing in more sustainable and cleaner energy to provide power to homes and neighbourhoods, including wind farms, heat recovery and energy efficient batteries.

    Cleaner Energy for Homes

  • Cleaner Energy for Business

    Learn how Shell is providing more sustainable and cleaner energy for businesses, including liquified natural gas, energy efficient batteries and natural gas.

    Cleaner Energy for Business

"I want Shell to be the biggest contributor to addressing one of the biggest societal problems we have on this planet – providing access to reliable energy for the 2 billion people who do not have it today."

Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell.

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