• Attendance in person at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) not allowed
  • London Shareholder Presentation cancelled
  • Shareholders who want their votes to count must vote in advance of the AGM
  • Measures taken, in line with government restrictions, to protect those that may have tried to attend the AGM and/or the London Shareholder Presentation, our employees, AGM staff and the public
  • Shareholder engagements in both London and The Hague will be scheduled when considered safe and legally compliant to do so

On April 16, 2020, Royal Dutch Shell plc (“Shell”) posted notice of its AGM (the "Notice"), which can be viewed and downloaded. The Notice states that the AGM is scheduled to be held at Shell headquarters, at Carel van Bylandtlaan 16, 2596 HR, The Hague, The Netherlands at 10:00 (Dutch time) on Tuesday May 19, 2020.

Please note that the Notice emphasises that we are closely monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 virus and how this may affect the AGM arrangements.

Unfortunately, since the printing of the Notice, COVID-19 public transmission concerns have only intensified making it more imperative to take all steps we deem necessary to protect the health and safety of our shareholders, employees and AGM staff as well as the public. Additionally, the UK Government has since banned public gatherings of more than two people, and the Dutch Government has severely restricted business-related public gatherings. Taking all of this into account, Shell confirms that the format of the meeting proposed in the Notice has since needed to be updated.

Further details, including information on resolutions and board recommendations for voting, are available in the Notice of Meeting of 2020 Annual General Meeting.

Voting Results of the 2020 Annual General Meeting

2020 AGM Transcript


Notice of meeting of 2020 Annual General Meeting

Important AGM information (Read with Notice of Meeting)

AGM Questions and Answers (including how to ask a question ahead of the meeting)

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