Recommended Cash and Share offer for BG Group plc by Royal Dutch Shell plc (scheme documents)

Published throughout 2015 and 2016

US Tax basis information

Published March 31, 2016

US tax basis information with respect to the RDS shares BG shareholders received in exchange for BG shares.

Historic corporate reports

BG Group Sustainability Report 2015
Published August 1, 2016

BG Group Annual Report and Accounts 2015

Published June 1, 2016

BG Group Annual Report and Accounts 2014

Published April 1, 2015

BG Group Data Book 2014
Published September 18, 2014

BG Group 2014 Sustainability Report
Published April 1, 2015

BG Group Report On Payments to Governments for The Year 2015

Bonds overview

These bonds are issued by BG Energy Capital plc (BGEC) and are guaranteed by BG Energy Holdings Ltd (BGEH).

Amount Maturity Coupon Exchange
USD 650 million 9 December 2020 4.0% London
USD 1 350 million 15 October 2021 4.0% London
EUR 775 million 21 November 2022 1.25% London
GBP 750 million 1 December 2025 5.125% London
EUR 800 million 21 November 2029 2.25% London
EUR 100 million 17 October 2033 3.5% London
GBP 750 million 4 November 2036 5.0% London
USD 900 million 15 October 2041 5.125% London

Credit rating information

Company S&P
Long-term rating
BG Energy Holdings Ltd AA- Stable
Debt of BG Energy Capital Plc AA- Stable

Financial (RNS) news

Information from the London Stock Exchange's (LSE) Regulatory News Service (RNS).

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