acre - approximately 0.4 hectares

ADS - American Depositary Share

AGM - Annual General Meeting

b/d - barrels per day

bcf/d - billion cubic feet per day

boe(/d) - barrels of oil equivalent (per day)

Btu - British thermal units

BTX - benzene, toluene, xylene

C$ - Canadian dollar

CHF - Swiss franc

CO2 - carbon dioxide

DBP - deferred bonus plan

EPC - engineering, procurement and construction

GHG - greenhouse gas

GTL - gas to liquids

HSE - health, safety and environment

HSSE - health, safety, security and environment

IFRIC - International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee

IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards

(k)dwt - (thousand) deadweight tonnes

LNG - liquefied natural gas

LPG - liquefied petroleum gas

LTIP - long-term incentive plan

MEG - mono-ethylene glycol

mtpa - million tonnes per annum

MW - megawatts

NGL - natural gas liquids

NGO - non-governmental organisation

NOC - national oil company

OML - onshore oil mining lease

OPEC - Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

OPL - oil prospecting licence

PSA - production-sharing agreement

PSC - production-sharing contract

R&D - research and development

REMCO - Remuneration Committee

RSP - restricted share plan

scf - standard cubic feet

SEC - United States Securities and Exchange Commission

SM/PO - styrene monomer/propylene oxide

TRCF - total recordable case frequency

USGC - United States Gulf Coast

WTI - West Texas Intermediate

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