Season 4

  • blockchain digital ledger

    Special episode: How blockchain is changing energy.

    Blockchain is making new forms of collaboration possible. But what does this mean for the world and energy?

    Join our panel of experts as they bring blockchain to life.

    32 mins

    How blockchain is changing energy

Season 3

  • Dan Jeavons websummt

    Latest episode: How AI is answering the call of sustainability

    What innovations and systems look set to change the energy landscape and is AI ultimately the key to lowering emissions?

    Questions expertly examined at Web Summit. In case you missed it, listen to the panel discussion in full.

    24 mins

  • illustration of hydrogen molecule

    Brown, grey, blue, green: why does the colour of hydrogen matter?

    It is earmarked as a front-runner in the quest for lower carbon, but The Energy Podcast explores why all hydrogen may not be equal when it comes to meeting climate goals.

    19 mins

  • assets on cloud

    The future of work: can the next generation bring energy into a new era?

    Jobs in the energy industry are changing and so are the skills needed to make the energy transition happen. What will it take for the workforce to keep up and who is leading the push for new ideas?

    21 mins

  • Closeup of pipeline

    Net zero by 2050: Is CCS going fast enough?

    The technology is proven, but what needs to happen for carbon capture to help the world tackle climate change?

    18 mins

  • Carbon-neutral cities: dream or reality?

    Carbon-neutral cities: dream or reality?

    They cover just 3% of the earth’s land surface but they are responsible for more than 70% of all carbon emissions. What will it take to make cities around the world cleaner?

    20 mins

  • Energy in Latin America: what you need to know

    Energy in Latin America: what you need to know

    In a lively debate, experts and students from across the region examine the big questions around lowering emissions by 2050.

    Hosted by Georgie Barrat and featuring Andrea Heins, Chair at the Argentine Committee of the World Energy Council; Jimena Marvan Santin, Executive Director of Chapter Zero México; Thiago Barral, Executive President of the Energy Research Office and Maarten Wetselaar, Shell’s Integrated Gas, Renewables and Energy Solutions Director.

    23 mins

  • Biofuels

    Biofuels: where next?

    Could the world ever be powered from waste? Growing crops for fuel instead of food remains controversial, but biofuel technology is advancing. What's the future when it comes to biofuels?

    23 mins


The 1.5C series

  • Woman walking on her phone

    The world and 1.5 C: what will it take to... transform the energy system?

    As COP26 closes, The Energy Podcast explores the key themes and speaks to experts who can make a difference. Featuring Mechthild Worsdorfer, IEA and Mallika Ishwaran, Shell.

    11 mins

  • City of London at sunset

    The world and 1.5 C: what will it take to... finance the drive to a net-zero future?

    Featuring Huw van Steenis, UBS; Hiro Mizuno, UN Special Envoy and Jessica Uhl, Shell.

    14 mins

  • small flower in front of a tree

    The world and 1.5 C: what will it take to… work with nature to reduce emissions?

    Featuring Rod Taylor, World Resources Institute and Flora Ji Qin, Shell.

    12 mins

Season 2

  •   Cargo ship

    Can shipping navigate to net zero?

    It’s the backbone of global trade, but there’s a challenge when it comes to lowering carbon emissions. What will it take to get shipping in to shape?

    25 mins