Where could the world get the energy it needs? Our world has access to many different sources of energy, spread across different countries or regions. Test your knowledge about the world’s energy resources by taking this short quiz.

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World Energy Model

Find out how the World Energy Model can explore different plausible future energy scenarios all the way to the year 2100.

Global Supply Model

Find out how the Scenarios team explores future oil and gas production potential to 2100.

Global Energy Resources database

Our tool for exploring how the world’s fossil and renewable energy resources are distributed – now and in future.


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Shell Scenarios in film

A selection of short films introduce and explain the Shell Scenarios over the years, and the work of our Scenarios team.

Meet the Shell Scenarios team

The Shell Scenarios team brings together experts from an array of disciplines to understand versions of the future.

Earlier scenarios

Shell Scenarios since the 1970s have helped us understand how the world and its energy system could evolve in decades to come.