The challenge of rising energy demand

The world’s population is soaring, and becoming wealthier. By 2050, global energy demand will have doubled from its level in the year 2000. All energy sources will be needed now and in the future to allow people to have the quality of life they deserve. We must all address the real and growing climate challenge caused by carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Given the scale of these competing challenges, how can we find a way to balance the need for reliable supply and environmental responsibility with the demands of competitive economies? 

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The role of natural gas in cities

We believe that cleaner-burning natural gas has all the potential to be a sustainable, reliable and economically sensible option for the long-term energy plans of cities around the world. This is because natural gas is the widely available and an efficient option for powering smaller and more resilient energy plants.

Natural gas also works well with renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, which need a flexible backup supply when the wind stops blowing or the sun goes down.  

Our energy research in cities

As a global leader in natural gas production, we’ve co-created several pioneering studies with city governments around the world, generating ideas to transform their energy production and distribution with natural gas.

In Marikina City (the Philippines), Surat (India) and Jakarta (Indonesia), our work led us to recommend new gas-powered distributed energy systems to make the supply of electricity more affordable and reliable, especially in the face of extreme weather events like typhoons that are common in these parts of the world.

We also showed how using natural gas as a major component of power generation opens the door to using more renewable power sources such as solar and wind. This gas infrastructure promotes the spread of natural gas for transport networks with lower emission compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles serving private, commercial and public transportation requirements.

More in City innovation

Supporting city resilience in the Philippines

Our Scenarios team has co-produced a study on Marikina City that provides our deepest insights into a single city so far. 

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Discover the building blocks for creating sustainable, liveable and prosperous cities.

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