As one of the 14 cities that make up Metro Manila – one of the largest megacities in the world – Marikina City is ripe for development. But its geography means the city faces the constant threat of natural disasters such as flooding from its swelling rivers during monsoon season, seen most recently in the devastating floods of 2012.

Along with the human cost, these events can play havoc with the city’s infrastructure and services, especially in its electricity systems. An action plan is needed to help Marikina develop more reliable and sustainable infrastructure long into the future.

Marikina City in the Philippines
The study recommends installing solar power panels on rooftops and building cleaner natural gas-fired power plants to help strengthen electricity supplies and reduce reliance on coal.

Our plan for Marikina City

Working closely with the local government, our Scenarios team has co-produced a study on Marikina City that provides our deepest insights into a single city so far.  

To address the challenges the city faces in ensuring affordable and dependable electricity supplies, our report recommends:

  • installing solar power panels on rooftops;
  • building a cleaner-burning natural gas-fired power plant to help strengthen electricity supplies; and
  • developing green recreation spaces to help absorb the heavy rains during tropical storms.

Traffic congestion and associated pollution is a serious and growing problem across the Metropolitan Manila area, affecting productivity and public health. So our study suggests running more buses and taxis on compressed natural gas or electricity, while improving access to the Manila tram system.

The bigger picture

Action on any of these solutions would most likely improve the lives of Marikina City residents. But implementing them in an integrated way is the best method to ensure the city’s long-term sustainability.

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“Our city is fortunate to experience such meaningful partnerships. The Shell City Resilience Study will really be a lot of help for us, as we will be able to fine tune our plans for the future of Marikina City.”

Mayor Del De Guzman, Mayor, Marikina City

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