2015 Shell Eco-marathon teams in Rotterdam
Shell Eco-marathon Europe celebrated its 30th anniversary in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The fuel-efficiency driving challenge welcomed 197 student teams from 26 countries

Driving innovation

To achieve a greener, more energy-efficient tomorrow, we have a responsibility to inspire the youth of today to realise their potential. A new generation of budding engineers is needed to design our urban vehicles of the future that will cut emissions, provide ever greater fuel efficiency, and address the multiple challenges of future city transport in innovative and compelling ways.

City cars of the future

Shell Eco-marathon is a unique competition that challenges young engineers around the world to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient car. Since its birth in 1939 as a bet between Shell Oil Company employees over who could travel furthest using the same amount of fuel, the Shell Eco-marathon now spans three continents, with annual events in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

To address the challenge of building the energy-efficient city cars of the near future, we introduced the UrbanConcept category in 2003. With more of a focus placed on fuel efficiency rather than aerodynamics, UrbanConcept cars must also look more like the vehicles we use today, with four wheels, lights and other practical, recognisable features.

We also encourage students to take a forward-looking approach in using alternative fuels to maximise their vehicles’ efficiency, including solar, electric, hydrogen, ethanol, biofuels and liquid gas. The future of urban driving is just around the corner.

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