Helping Surat achieve greater resilience

How a fast-growing Indian city could develop smart infrastructure to strengthen urban services and energy supplies.

The building blocks of smart cities

Discover the building blocks for creating sustainable, liveable and prosperous cities.

The role of natural gas in cities

Find out how cleaner burning natural gas plays a role in the long-term energy plans of cities around the world.

Supporting city resilience in the Philippines

Our Scenarios team has co-produced a study on Marikina City that provides our deepest insights into a single city so far. 

A tale of two ‘dams

Find out why cities that face the greatest challenges often become the most shining examples of resilience and sustainable planning.

Clearing the skies with natural gas

Reducing cities’ reliance on coal for electricity and diesel for transport is a critical factor in cleaner air for citizens worldwide.

Japan’s energy transition

As one of Japan's largest suppliers of liquefied natural gas, Shell is playing a role in Japan’s energy transition.

Protecting coastal cities

Learn more about our partnership with the Manila Observatory in aid of city resilience.

Driving the future of mobility


Discover how Shell Eco-marathon gets students thinking about the future of urban mobility, and building energy-efficient cars.