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Building sustainable cities

Building cities for the future is about making the right choices today. Discover how we worked to understand city needs and develop scenarios.

Shell City Solutions

Shell City Solutions is helping cities navigate energy transition through integrated urban solutions

Quiz: which city is right for you?

Take the Shell Future Cities quiz to discover the city that best matches your personality, and find out what type of city it is.

City innovation stories

Read about new ideas, technologies and ways of doing business that are taking shape in cities around the world.

Six city archetypes

Every city is unique, but many share similar features. We used research into 500 cities to group cities into six broad categories.

Compare cities

Compare the future of 500 cities from around the world with our city comparison tool.

A bridge to China’s future

A bridge to China’s future

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is the world’s longest sea crossing. It spans 55 kilometres of water and is designed to withstand typhoons as well as soaring temperatures.

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Travelling light: the roads of the future

Travelling light: the roads of the future

Why scientists and artists believe roads offer an untapped opportunity for energy innovation.

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The homes powered by Dubai’s sunshine

The homes powered by Dubai’s sunshine

Dubai has long been reliant on energy from hydrocarbons. Now a new carbon-neutral housing development will tap into the city’s abundant sunshine, enabling residents to generate their own electricity.

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Helping Surat achieve greater resilience

How a fast-growing Indian city could develop smart infrastructure to strengthen urban services and energy supplies.

The building blocks of smart cities

Discover the building blocks for creating sustainable, liveable and prosperous cities.

Clearing the skies with natural gas

Reducing cities’ reliance on coal for electricity and diesel for transport is a critical factor in cleaner air for citizens worldwide.

Protecting coastal cities

Learn more about our partnership with the Manila Observatory in aid of city resilience.