The technical articles in this publication are grouped according to whether they contribute most to Shellʼs Core Upstream, Leading Transition or Emerging Power strategic themes. The Regular Features is the article series written or compiled by TechXplorer's editors based on input from technologists who are involved in the projects.

Regular Features


    A process for producing hydrogen and carbon products through the pyrolysis of methane using a molten-salt-based catalyst system shows great promise.

    Old ideas for a new way to make hydrogen: It’s elementary


    Cumulus Digital Systems has taken the Shell TechWorks invented Smart Torque System for reliably making up flanged pipe connections to market.

    How to avoid all torque and no action


    Shijin Shuai, professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, is impressed by the professionalism of the Shell staff at the Shell–Tsinghua University Joint Research Centre for Clean Mobility.

    Xternal connect

Core Upstream

  • Data from a drilling campaign in Malaysia reveal that mud loss severity is linked to the downhole mud weight exceeding the reactivation pressure of the faults penetrated.

    Drilling through faults

  • In the Netherlands, Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij has begun projects for reducing emissions and investigating new lines of business involving carbon dioxide.

    Upstream’s role in the energy transition

  • Unmanned aerial systems represent a robust asset inspection and aerial surveillance solution, but machine vision and advanced analytics will unlock their full value.

    Up in the air

  • Shell scientists are making the most of advancing imaging technology to reveal what happens in a 3D porous medium during emulsification.

    Porous media and oil-phase emulsification

Leading Transition

  • Replacing the conventional spinning reserve of part-load gas turbine power generation with a battery energy storage system is a valuable abatement opportunity.

    Reducing the LNG Carbon footprint

  • Oxidation, bearing and engine tests demonstrate that Shell Rimula R4 X exceeds the minimum performance requirements for engines running on high biocontent biodiesel fuels.

    Testing lubricants for biodiesel engines

  • Maritime transport is emerging as an essential link in the decarbonisation chain by moving liquid carbon dioxide from the source to a safe storage location.

    An open network for CO2 transport and storage

  • Self-cleaning filtration can reduce operational costs, maximise plant utilisation and deliver weight and space savings in on- and offshore locations.

    Self-cleaning filtration

  • The replacement of a steam turbine driving a compressor with a high-speed electric motor will give the Moerdijk chemical plant in the Netherlands significant annual carbon dioxide emission savings.

    Compressor drive electrification

Emerging Power

  • Battery energy storage systems at Shell manufacturing plants in Canada are activated when the price of grid electricity goes up, helping the plants to reduce their overall energy costs.

    Using advanced battery storage

  • A major US residential development combines a community-wide geothermal energy grid with solar photovoltaic generation and advanced battery storage and management technologies that will deliver thousands of zero-energy-capable homes.

    The importance of nanogrids

  • A dispatch optimisation algorithm aims to help Shell to dispatch its complicated mix of power assets for the highest returns.

    Maximising revenue from distributed power assets

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