Drivers' World Championship Winners

After several days of sunny skies and strong competition, the famously fickle English weather brought an abrupt end to the final of the Shell Eco-marathon Drivers’ World Championship (DWC).

Thousands of visitors to Make the Future Live had enjoyed unusually hot and sunny weather for most of the four-day event. But the grand final had to be abandoned mid-race as rain hammered down on the track in east London. With the wet weather making it unsafe to finish the race, a US high-school team from the Saint Thomas Academy in Minnesota was declared the winner because it was the fastest in qualifying.

The 2017 Podium

First place: Saint Thomas Academy, USA

Second place: Polytech Nantes, France

Third place: Alden-Conger High School, USA


In 2017, the Shell Eco-marathon Drivers’ World Championship events took place on:

  • March 19, Drivers’ World Championship Asia. Singapore, SG.
  • April 29, Drivers’ World Championship Americas. Detroit, Michigan, USA.
  • May 28, Drivers’ World Championship Europe and Grand Final. London, United Kingdom.

How does it work?

The winning teams from the DWC Regional events in Asia and Americas come to London to join the DWC European winners to compete amongst the best of the best, to win the DWC Grand Final

  • UrbanConcept vehicles: the 4 Teams to achieve the best results in their category during the Shell Eco-marathon Mileage Challenge (12 teams in total) are selected in each region. 
  • 3 Energy classes: Battery Electric, Hydrogen and Internal Combustion Engine.
  • DWC Regional: The three fastest vehicles in each regional will qualify for the DWC Grand Final in Europe.
  • DWC Grand Final: The 9 best teams in the world will compete for the title of world’s fastest energy-efficient driver. The first vehicle to cross the finish line wins.
  • All eligible teams must pass an additional Technical Inspection
  • All visiting teams must participate in Shell Eco-marathon Europe (out of competition) to set their energy benchmark.

What's new?

  • Live on-board fuel measurement
  • Handicapped race: Energy amounts available to each team depend on previous team performance
  • Speed limit: 50km/h maximum

What are the rules?

The Drivers’ World Championship will run under a dedicated set of rules (Chapter III). These new rules are the result of several years of development work by the Shell Eco-marathon technical experts, which will allow us to measure liquid fuels highly accurately on board of the vehicles and relay the consumption live for all three energy classes to race control. This technology has the potential to revolutionise the way we measure Shell Eco-marathon competitions in future and how we can engage spectators.

Download: Shell Eco-marathon 2017 Rules - Chapter III

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