Shell Eco-marathon Asia runs under two sets of rules: Shell Eco-marathon Global Rules 2018, Chapter I and Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018 Rules, Chapter II:

  • The Shell Eco-marathon Global Rules 2018, Chapter I contain all technical rules and specifications for teams to build their vehicle. It also includes information about the On-track and Off-track Awards. 
  • The Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018 Rules, Chapter II contain details about safety, competition and the schedule of events. This document is specific to Shell Eco-marathon Asia.

Remember to read the rules carefully before applying for the competition!

Download: Shell Eco-marathon 2018 Global Rules, Chapter I

Download: Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018 Rules, Chapter II

Teams must also refer to the Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018 Participant Handbook for specific details on logistics for the event, such as accommodation, shipping, food and parking.

Download: Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018 Participant Handbook


The registration process for Shell Eco-marathon Asia consists of 3 different phases:

  • Phase 1: Team interest and information
  • Phase 2: Technical information
  • Phase 3: Logistics and Off-track Award applications

Teams interested in participating in Shell Eco-marathon Asia should be aware of the following information:

  • A team must consist of a maximum of 10 team members including the team manager, a maximum of one faculty advisor, and chaperones.
  • Participants must be enrolled in a school or institution at the time of the event.
  • The team manager should be able to speak and understand English as he/she will be coordinating with the organisers throughout the event.
  • Each team is responsible for all other costs and expenses associated with participating in the event i.e. travel from home country to Singapore and back, building and freighting cost for vehicle, hotel/accommodation, etc.

Teams must register on the Shell Eco-marathon registration website.

The track

Download: Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018 track map


Agility Fairs & Events is the official freight-forwarding partner for all Shell Eco-marathon competitions globally.

For Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018, teams may choose a non-Agility off-shore freight forwarder (home country to Port of Singapore) but it is compulsory to use Agility for all on-shore forwarding needs (Port of Singapore to Changi Exhibition Centre, including customs clearance).

Please read the Agility Shipping Guide 2018 for more information.

Download: Agility Shipping Guide 2018

If your team is shipping your vehicle and equipment to Singapore, it is mandatory to read and understand the Dangerous Goods Shipping Guidelines below.

Download: Dangerous Goods Shipping Guidelines for Shell Eco-marathon teams

If you have any questions about freight or dangerous goods, please contact Agility at


What if you have more questions?

If you still have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to or leave a comment on the Shell Eco-marathon Asia Facebook group.

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