At Shell Eco-marathon, teams can win on and off the track!

On-track, the competition is not about speed. It’s about energy efficiency. In both Prototype and UrbanConcept categories, winners are the teams that manage to go further on the least amount of energy.

Teams can also win prizes for their work off-track, in different categories such as Communications, Design, Technical Innovation and Safety.

Below you can view and download the latest list of results and awards.

2017 Results and Awards

2017 Off-Track Award Winners

Communications Award
Supermileage uOttawa, The University of Ottawa (Canada).
The Supermileage uOttawa team invested a lot of time and effort to promote their team. In addition to leveraging traditional media and local events to connect with their community, the team shared social media content in both English and French to reach a wider audience. More impressively, they were able to identify their shortfalls and had already developed an improvement plan for next year's Shell Eco-marathon Americas.

Vehicle Design Award UrbanConcept
EcoCar – Turbo Hound, Louisiana Tech University (Louisiana).

Vehicle Design Award Prototype
OSU Beavers, Oregon State University (Oregon).

Technical Innovation
Supermileage Systems Enterprise, Michigan Technological University (Michigan).
The team followed a logical engineering process where they identified a clear objective and worked within design constraints to deliver a flexible electric motor driver.

Safety Award
Team Shop Girls, Granite Falls High School (Washington State).
The team made it a priority to incorporate safety in both their vehicle design and the team’s daily activities in the paddocks. Having a proactive safety mindset placed them in an excellent position to continue to avoid hazards and reduce safety risks. In fact, the team displayed safety supplies out in the open with safety signs in sight, and they made judges put on safety glasses before entering their paddock.

Perseverance and Spirit of the Event Award
MC3 Engineering, Montgomery Community College (Pennsylvania).
Despite their vehicle breaking down and working endless hours to fix it, the team stayed positive and found time to interact with other teams, both offering help and asking for support. The team also brought onboard a new driver with limited knowledge on short notice who offered new insights to improve the process.

Drivers’ World Championship

See the teams that will compete in the Drivers' World Championship:

Saint Thomas Academy
Saint Thomas Academy Experimental Vehicle Team Alp

Alden-Conger High School
Knights 3

Newburgh Free Academy
Newburgh Goldbacks

Past Results and Awards

2016 Off-Track Award Winners

Communications Award
EcoVeiculo, Battery Electric Prototype, Universidade Federal de Itajuba (Brazil).

Safety Award
Team Paoli Purple, Gasoline Prototype, Paoli (Indiana) High School. (USA)

Vehicle Design Award
Team Beyond, Battery Electric Prototype, Universite de Sherbrook (Canada).
Saint Thomas (Minnesota) Academy Experimental Vehicle Team Alpha, Battery Electric UrbanConcept. (USA)

Technical Innovation
Tatonkatoo, Ethanol Prototype, University of Colorado Boulder. (USA)

Perseverance & Team Spirit Award
Team E-Team, Battery Electric Prototype, Universidad del Azuay (Ecuador).

Drivers’ World Championship

See the teams that have been selected to compete in the Drivers' World Championship.

Knights 3
Alden-Conger High School, USA

Mater Dei Supermileage
Mater Dei High School, USA

Saint Thomas Academy Experimental Vehicle Team Alpha
Saint Thomas Academy, USA

Newburgh Goldbacks
Newburgh Free Academy, USA

University of Alberta EcoCar Team
University of Alberta,  Canada

Illini EcoConcept
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

2015 Off-Track Award Winners

Safety Award

Shopgirls (team 56) – Prototype diesel

Communications Award

Ecolancers (team 45) – Prototype gasoline

Vehicle Design Award

Alden Conger High School (team 522) - Prototype Supermileage Team.

Technical Innovation

Duke University (team 302) - Duke Electric Vehicle.

Perseverance and Team Spirit award

Braham High School and Universidad Presbiteriana Mackenzie (team 312 – Prototype battery electric).

2014 Off-track Award winners

Safety Award

Team  Shop Girls, from Granite Falls High School, US

Vehicle Design Award

Team LA Tech Eco-car, from Louisiana Tech University, US

Technical Innovation Award

Team University of Toronto Supermileage, from University of Toronto, Canada

Communications Award

Team Mizzou Eco-Racing, from University of Missouri, US

Pennzoil Tribology Award

Team University of Toronto Supermileage, from University of Toronto, Canada

Perseverance and Spirt of the Event Award

Team E-Volve, from Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

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