For each of our shale assets, we develop a tailor-made water management strategy for water sourcing, use, and disposal. For example, in our Groundbirch asset in Canada, we recycle produced water and also use recycled municipal wastewater.

Shell’s Onshore Operating Principles in Action: Water Fact Sheet

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Induced Seismicity

Shell assesses the risk profile of each basin before entering and manages operations accordingly.

Community Engagement in Shale Oil and Gas

Shell works to mitigate any potential socio-economic or environmental impacts related to shale oil and gas and bring sustainable economic benefits to neighboring communities.

Reducing Methane Emissions in Shale Oil and Gas

Shell’s business strategy specifically states a strategic ambition to reduce our carbon intensity as part of the energy transition.

Reducing Flaring in Shale Oil and Gas

We operate our shale assets with the goal of eliminating the continuous flaring or release of hydrocarbons.