The shale industry creates significant economic benefits in terms of economic growth, job generation, consumer savings, and government revenue. That said, we recognise that communities may also have concerns around potential socio-economic and environmental impacts around shales. While some impacts are unavoidable, we believe we can mitigate impacts to as low as reasonably practicable and explore, develop and produce shale resources safely and responsibly. In addition to managing impacts, we support local development initiatives in our operational areas and aspire to bring sustainable economic benefits to neighbouring communities. Our success flows from our efforts to be inclusive and to seek solutions that works best for everyone.

Shell’s Onshore Operating Principles in Action: Community Engagement Fact Sheet

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Community Engagement in Shale Oil and Gas

Shell works to mitigate any potential socio-economic or environmental impacts related to shale oil and gas and bring sustainable economic benefits to neighboring communities.

Induced Seismicity

Shell assesses the risk profile of each basin before entering and manages operations accordingly.

Reducing Flaring in Shale Oil and Gas

We operate our shale assets with the goal of eliminating the continuous flaring or release of hydrocarbons.

Water Conservation in Shale Oil and Gas

For each of our shale assets, we develop a tailor-made water management strategy for water sourcing, use, and disposal.